Was she supposed to be the Wonder Woman of Earth-8.... ?

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or was Cassie supposed to be? 
I'm talking about the original Earth-8, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths, (according to Geoff Johns while talking about Infinite Crisis), where alot of the characters introduced post-Crisis were originally from. So Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern, Breach was the Captain Atom, Jean Paul Valley was the Batman (or maybe Huntress was) etc. etc. 
I'm wondering this, because Artemis was introduced into the DC Universe post-crisis, and like many of her fellow 90's heroes, was a temp replacement for an iconic character. So I'm left wondering if Artemis was originally (quote-on-quote) supposed to be Earth-8's Wonder Woman, with maybe Cassie as HER Wonder-Girl, ala Diana and Donna in the main DCU. 
Just food for thought I guess.
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It's a possibility.

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