Tendency for negativity?

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I was just wondering if i was the only one who's noticed that Artemis seems to be portrayed generally in a somewhat negative light? 
Like she didn't really win anyone over (in comics) as Wonder Woman (besides Diana when she died). 
During Gail's run on WW it was a bit of a mess where Diana herself didn't know if she was being a friend or not when she visited her in prison.  
In the current story, look who gets ressurected as a bitter creature out for revenge? (though she comes to her sense). 
And while i don't want to spoil WW and the Furies #1 for those who haven't read it yet...well lets just say Artie definitely isn't a positive force in the book.  
 Know this might be in her character to be more hard-lined than Diana, but no one bats and eye at how say Bruce gets some of his information. But isn't it a bit much that Artemis seems to be the auto-choice for writers when they are looking for an not-quite-evil-but-maybe-is-evil amazon?

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She is a bitch

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