are they the same person?

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 this artemis  related artemis in young justice series? 

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I think she's wondergirl.

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I'm pretty sure they're different characters completely, but i'll have to check the Young Justice issues... 
i know she appeared in Teen Titans for a bit, but i've never seen her in Young Justice 

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If you're talking about the new Young Justice animated series then the answer is no....they've said that she is an existing character but she is not Arrowette, Speedy, or Wonder Girl....her identity won't be revealed until the show debuts and even then who knows how far into the show that will could be the first episode or the 30th
if you're talking about the Young Justice comic book series then the answer is no again....the archer in that series was named Arrowette not Artemis

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(Face Palm) This is the very confusion I have been stating from the start about the new Young Justice Cartoon.
This Artemis is NOT the same character as the cartoon show, this woman here was NEVER a teenager in Young Justice, this character was actully Wonder Woman for a time in the 90s when Diana wasn't able to be Wonder Woman. Though she does use a bow and arrow they are different characters.
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