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Age of Apocalypse

Artemis, one of the mutants imprisoned in Apocalypse's Breeding Pens, arranged an escape one night, leading a group of other captive mutants, including Avalanche, Pyro, Phantazia, and Newt, to freedom. Unfortunately for them, they were discovered by the Elite Mutant Force, consisting of Cyclops, Havok, Northstar, and Aurora. The other captive mutants were quickly either subdued or killed, but Artemis was able to escape, thanks to her mutant ability. She was eventually found by Cyclops, but she had one last option -- a knife she kept concealed in her tattered clothes. Cyclops did not have the heart to kill her, but unfortunately for Artemis, Havok had no such problem and was blown away by his plasma blast.

Artemis had the mutant ability to camaflauge her skin color to match her surroundings.

There is no known counterpart to Artemis in the regular Marvel 616 universe, although it is suspected that Fatale may be a close match. The difference in powers might be explained by Dark Beast experimenting on her in the AoA universe.

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