She Has Her Own Page! Woo! (An Artemis Fan Thread) (If You Want)

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Ok so let me start off by saying that after seeing ep 6 of Young Justice I am absolutely in love with Artemis. And well for awhile now I've been kinda upset that her pics (well one pic) was in Arrowette's page. And while they are similar they are not the same character. The creators have even said she's a whole nother person and there even is an Arrowette in that world as well. I was just getting ready to make a topic stating such in Arrowette's forum when on a whim I scrolled down through the search and what do we have? An Arrowette Page! It's highly underdeveloped but that'll hopefully change over time. I for one just want to say this made my day.
"Pot, Kettle, Have you met?" - Artemis

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