Best Match as a foe:Black Canary,Roy Harper or Huntress

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I dig Artemis on the cartoon,but I remember her from back in the day as a villian.She was one of a few legacy villians. Who would you think would be a better match for a foe?

.Black Canary who like Artemis is a legacy (hero).Artemis' mother is G.A. villianess the Huntress and her grandmother is the original Tigress and the Canary is the daughter of course of the original.

She started out as a villian of Infinity Inc..which is sorta a Teen Titans/Titans of the JSA which would put her sorta around the same age as Roy Harper.Like Roy her main weapon is the bow and arrow.Trained to peak conditions and more importantly is very effiecient with any weapon she can get ehr hands on.

With the Huntress they kind of follow the same motif.In the late 70's when The Huntress was still accociated with the JSA she fought the G.A. Huntress for the right to use the name.Could be a revenge for using mommys name name thing.In essence she took her name,stopped it from being passed down.

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Either Black Canary or Red Arrow/Roy. Definitely not the modern Huntress.

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@PowerHerc: she was almost an after thought with me,but I was like they kind of match .

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@herrweis: I can see what you were thinking.

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