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Roy Harper must consider the failures of his past to face the future and find his own niche as Arsenal. But before he can move forward, a problem from the past needs a speedy resolution. Roy's daughter, Lian, has a fatal disorder--and the only one that may be able to provide the cure is the villainous immortal, Vandal Savage.

In the first part of this four-issue miniseries, Roy Harper has to deal with raising his daughter Lian, whom he sired by sleeping with a genocidal maniac, finding a capable babysitter who can survive Roy's background checks, and being a superhero, Arsenal. His reputation has already been sullied by his past as a heroin addict, but now he has to deal with the unresolved issues with his deceased mentor, Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow, and his own feelings of inadequacy and abandonment. Recently gifted with a new costume plucked out of his psyche by a bad guy, Roy is not yet ready to take on the Red Arrow name. After interviewing a no-longer potential babysitter, Roy and Lian are visited by Dinah Lance, Black Canary. She scolds Roy for allowing Lian to play with his guns, even if they are unloaded, and the two begin discussing Green Arrow.

Meanwhile, immortal caveman Vandal Savage, and his unwilling captive Dr. Babette Doubel (also his daughter) is searching for other descendants of his he can harvest for healthy organs, and it appears Roy and Lian are on the list. Vandal sends a cadre of scantily-clad ninja nurses to Roy's apartment, where he luckily manages to get out with Lian while Dinah holds them off. She manages to get a list of Vandal's descendants off one of the ninjas before they flee.

Dinah meets with Roy at a hospital, where he had taken Lian due to a injury she received on her arm. Roy voices his concerns and doubts about whether or not he's suitable to raise Lian full time, but Dinah reminds him that he is more suitable, and capable, than Lian's fugitive mother Cheshire. The two then reminisce about Roy's attempt at going cold turkey and how Dinah had helped him.

The two are snapped out of their recollection when Roy is told that Lian has an as of unknown disease which could prove to be very fatal if she does not receive a kidney transplant. Roy is not suitable as he does not have the same blood type, and Cheshire is not applicable. Dinah shows Roy the list she snatched off one of the ninjas, which has Roy's, Lian's, and Babette Doubel's name on it. Coincidentally, Dinah and the Birds of Prey had been investigating her kidnapping. Figuring that they're connected, Roy decides to head out to track down Doubel, believing it will lead him to Savage and a cure for Lian's illness. He leaves Lian in Dinah's care for the moment. As Roy leaves, Dinah mutters that he's exactly like Ollie.







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