Arrowette's father....

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In the comics it is said that Arrowette's father is Bernell "Bowstring" Jones, but isn't it possible that her father is really Oliver Queen, Green Arrow? Arrowette was only born about a year after Bonnie and Bernell were married. What do you think?

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Anything is possible.  Ollie was a womaniser & Arrowette's mother would have been attracted to a successful Archer-hero.  However, I prefer to think that her father really is her father.  It'd be nice to have a character without traumatic origins for a change ;)

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Actually Ollie was not a "Womanizer" until Chuck Dixon started writing Green arrow in the mid 90's

Ollie and Bonnie had a long term relationship in the 50 or 60 that included her showing up in a few issues of JLA as his date.

Cissie beeing Ollies daughter is a fan favorite theory because it actually fits very well with the history between Ollie and Bonnie , Its also supported by PAD himself

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I really doubt Oliver is her father. Things are hardly what they seem in fiction. There's always some kind of twist, and many subjects are left unexplored, or with no explanation, and I don't think her father applies to the storyline in the least bit. Her mother probably has no idea, or rather, just doesn't want to tell her daughter that she was sleeping around, and made up an excuse.

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