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Roy "Rage" Harper

Arrow might be a good show from a long term perspective, but that doesn't change the fact that some episodes are extremity mediocre and poorly done, and this weeks installment would be a good example of that. What's absolutely baffling for me is the fact that most of the mediocre episodes really have good premises, it's just that the execution and decisions made to finally make it are sometimes rushed and in all honesty dumb.

I'm sure by now most of you are familiar with the premise, but still lets go through a quick recap. Roy has gained superpowers, Oliver is training him. What could go wrong? A lot apparently. First of, I understand that Oliver has to be harsh towards Roy when during the training sessions, but i'm sure Ollie is smart enough to deduce that the serum is affecting Roys personality, therefore making him a lot more dangerous than he actually is. Roy has developed some serious anger issues, and trust me when I say, that being a complete assh*le doesn't help soothe the anger, not even a little. Oliver has had a lot of experience with Slade when he was injected serum, and he knows the type of effects it has on people, so why not take a more trusting yet strict approach? Oh right, Oliver doesn't trust Roy, even though roy use to be his eyes and ears on the street and he has kept his condition and their partnership from thea and basically everyone else for a very long time, right? And don't give me the He is a loose canon excuse, Roy has been under the influence of the chemical for a while now and he still hasn't told Thea anything. Still, to be fair I can understand him wanting to keep his identity secret, but just telling Roy nothing isn't going to do much is it now? He's just some vigilant in a green Hood, how does Oliver expect Roy to trust and listen to him?( I get that he saved his life, but that doesn't change the fact that the "Hood" can still be potentially dangerous, especially to a teenager/Young man such as roy) I guess that the episode was trying to develop Oliver but it could have been executed better.

The performances were solid though, I like how Stephen Amell manages to change his personality from a distant, damaged Arrow to a much more innocent yet broken Oliver. I like the relationship arrow has with Roy and Canary throughout the episode, considering that he manages to connect with them from two different standpoints in time, that's not that easy to do and I like watching these simple scenes. Michael Jay White as Bronze Tiger is cool and all, and while it did give use some very good action sequences, the overall ending to how he was dispatched was very, very disappointing, I mean, I think we needed a better conclusion than making Tiger Roys punching bag. Moreover, Laurel, you have official become terrible. I'm really sick of her, she acts like a stubborn idiot the whole season and when people try to help her she just does something worse, it's not the actress it's just the fact that her character is really, really annoying. However, despite my gripes with Laurel, Detective Lance has become one of my favorite characters from the show, he has developed from an ass*hole to a great and interesting character who gives and sacrifices a lot just to make things right.

Moving on to more positive aspects, the Ivo/Slade story-line is very interesting and much cooler considering that we already know what happens,yet the show still intrigues you enough to make you ask the question : how did it happen? Which, again, I assume is not easy to execute. And, despite all the problems In this episode I honestly still find this episode very entertaining and fun. Overall, this episode was disappointing, not terrible, but I've seen arrow and I know how amazing it can be at times, which makes these few mediocre episodes look really bad in my eyes. I guess that isn't all that fair, but I can't get passed some of the gripes I have, especially after knowing arrows potential.

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