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Three stories make up this volume.

In the first, "Fangs for the Memory!", a down on his luck vampire, Count Fangula, moves to New York City to feast on the unsuspecting population.

On his first night in search of a victims he gets hit in the mouth and beat on by two muggers who leave him lying on the sidewalk minus his fangs. He then finds a job as a night man at the city blood bank and steals vials of blood to stay alive. Without the thrill of the hunt he grows increasingly bored wondering the streets and watching old vampire movies for laughs. One night while stocking up for the weekend at the blood bank, he is caught in the act of stealing and booted back to the street. On his way home he literally runs into a buxom blond and attacks her out of habit, she uses kung-fu to throw him into some garbage cans then calmly informs him to watch who he tries to mug in the future while showing him her card stating she is a master of kung-fu. She walks away leaving him to lie, sobbing, on the curb. At home again he finally figures a way to continue being able to hunt and feed. Skip to an ally where police are investigating a suposed vampire victim. On the new they are comenting on the twelfth vampire victim. Due to the vampire scare the population no longer ventured out at night, businesses went bankrupt, and the people who worked at night moved to other cities. During the day, the cops went searching for the vampire and the night Count Fangula struck. He found the answer, and was once again able to feel the thrill of the hunt.

The second, "Whacks' Museum", is a very punny piece that takes place in a wax museum where the figures talk and make jokes. A doctor shows up to meet the curator and ends up part of the display.

The third feature, "RAT!", leans closer to the horror genre of the time. It begins on a stormy night with a low level criminal named Ratzo running from the law and the mob after shooting a security guard and ratting out his partner, Bender. He first tries the shipping yard to climb aboard a freighter but has to find another place after finding he can't get aboard. Running down an ally to find safety, he gets run down by a vehicle and left for dead. The storm erupts with lightning, scaring a rat to run by Ratzo's lifeless body. Lightning strikes at that moment and hits the rat and Ratzo, transferring Ratzo's consciousness into the rat. Ratzo grows into a human sized rat and decides to get revenge on Bender for killing him. After he takes care of Bender he decides to go on a crime spree and breaks into jewelry stores and apartments, killing anyone who gets in his way. Soon however, he finds with every robbery and the more loot he gets, the smaller he gets . Panicking, he decides he needs a doctor and goes scampering off to find one. Evading a rat trap, he turns a corner and runs into a cat, who promptly ends his career as a criminal. The story ends with the storm over on a bright sunny morning....and Ratzo in a trash can.







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