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Character Description and History

Arnold is named after Arnold Schwartzenegger, the action hero. He is one of five members in the new team that replaced the original Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters.  The other members of the new team are Rock, Lucy, Jean-Claude, and Steven.
He is an anthropomorphic hamster from an alternate dimension, but was eventually brought to the dimension where the original Hamsters lived.  He is much larger and heavily muscled than the others, and has veins all over his muscles, as if he was on steroids (although he swears he's all natural).  He wears bikini shorts.  He seems somewhat more dim-witted than the others.
When we first see him and the other new Hamsters, they are training in their headquarters in Chicago.  They receive a psychic message from the Dalai Momma, the head of their monastery.  She warns them that the monastery is under attack, and begs them to return.  After some arguments, the Hamsters get in their jet (a B2 Stealth bomber) and fly to the Himalayas.  Arnold is their pilot.
They land, and are attacked by Genghis Khann and his army of Huns.  Steven and Jean-Claude are killed.  Rock is covered in a pile of Huns.  Arnold fares well for a while, casually tossing Huns off the edge of the castle.  However, he is eventually overcome and taken down by the huge number of Huns.  It is unclear whether he is captured or killed.  Lucy is thrown off the edge herself, and eventually manages to find their old Master Lock, who helps her contact the original team of Hamsters.
Later, we see Khann leading Arnold and Rock down into a hidden room below the monastery, which holds a giant computerized navigation system.  They are clearly under his control somehow, but the situation is ambiguous.  Were they killed and resurrected?  Did he brainwash them?  It is unclear, but they are completely on his side now.

Khann and his slave Hamsters

We next see them, along with the previously-deceased Jean-Claude as well as the Hun army.  (For some reason, Steven doesn't get resurrected.)  They attack Master Lock and his small team of Abominable Snowmen, and defeat them.  Then they help Khann torture Master Lock to get the password to the computer room.
Later, when Lucy and the original group of Hamsters attacks Khann and the Huns, they are defeated, probably with help from Arnold, Rock, and Jean-Claude, although the battle takes place off-panel.  Khann then kills the original Hamsters (except for Clint, who isn't there).  Soon after, Khann takes over the world, using an army of other hamsters that arrive via a cloud of cosmic Jell-o.  Presumably Arnold, Jean-Claude, and Rock remain as his accomplices.


Arnold fights some Huns

Arnold is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.  He is extremely strong, although probably not superhumanly so.  He was able to throw Rock clear across a large room, and punch through a skyscraper window, as well as throw Huns off a roof with one hand.  He was able to defeat Yeti in hand-to-hand combat.

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