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Arnold was born in 1976.He joined the Sullivan Carnival sometime in 2008 where he became Joseph Sullivan's best friend. Joseph saw that Samuel's powers could reach to unlimited and asked his friend to travel back to 1961 to Coyote Sands and find a way to keep Samuel's power under control.

Arnold remembers the carnival

When Arnold arrived back in time someone from behind knocked his unconscious.It was Adam Monroe.When Arnold woke up he did not renember anything.Suffering from amnesia, he took the name Ernie Crum.Later he became chef at the Lila Mae's restaurant.

In the present day with the help of Lydia, Samuel and Joseph found an elder Arnold at an apartment and suddenly he remembered the carnival.He returned back with them and asked Joseph to find his son but turned out that it is already dead, killed by the government.


In the episode '1961' Angela Shaw and Charles Deveaux are dancing in the Lila Mae's restaurant where he warns them that inter-racial dancing is forbidden.


Arnold attended to Joseph Sullivan's funeral after it's death.Samuel later went to Arnold to ask him to send him back fourteen years so he can 'collect' someone who can fix the past.

Arnold leaves Charlie trapped in time

After finding out that Arnold has a tumor and he is dying, Samuel asked him to send him back again in time so he can help him but the only reason Samuel wanted to go back is to try to convince Hiro once more to join his carnival,so Samuel had Arnold to send him back three years in Texas.When he failed to convince Hiro he asked Arnold to teleport Charlene Andrews somewhere in time and he will tell Hiro only if he helps him.

Hiro managed to get himself and Samuel back to the present day to the carnival and joined the carnival only to save Charlie after he helped Samuel.

After Hiro left to retrieve a tape from Mohinder Suresh who Samuel accidentally killed,Samuel entered Arnold's trailer he

Arnold is eventually killed by Samuel Sullivan

strangles Arnold to death while saying 'Rest now my friend'.

Powers and Abilities

Arnold had the same powers as Hiro Nakamura.He could travel in time.It was not mentioned how he managed to teleport Charlie into another timeline if he died in the present .

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