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Shrunken Ash goes face to face with both Tattoo Ash and Evil Mirror Ash. First he uses ink remover on Tattoo Ash then he climbs inside Mirror Ash and busts out in a gruesome fasion. He then finds a Liquid Nitrogen canister and goes off to save Sugarbaby from Dr. West and an army of Deadites.

He finds Sugarbaby being attacked by a reanimated Duece and one of Dr. West's creations, dozens of reanimated corpse attached together. He uses the Nitrogen to freeze many of them. Ash seems to be winning untill he realizes that Sheila, his current girlfriend is part of the creature. This causes him to drop his chainsaw and Dr. West picks it up.

He catches his reflection with is the only way his mirror self can return. He is horrified by his Evil selves creation and Ash is able to defeat the creature.

Ash thinks he has won but is jumped by the mystery man who has been holding the Necronomicon. He transforms into a demon and captures Ash. He then uses to book to open a gateway to Yog Sothoth. Sugarbaby uses her last bit of magic to help Ash one last time and he is able to destroy the Necronomicon and shove the demon into the portal.

This causes the portal to close and the Asylum to colapse. The last scene is Ash and Sugarbaby climbing out from the rubble and Dr. West leaving with a reanimated corpse looking to continue his research.

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