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Army of Darkness vs Re-Animator follows Ashly J Williams after the events of Army of Darkness: Shop Till You Drop.

Fuzz (a Cops like reality show) is covering the events at S-mart where hours earlier Ash had just defeated the Deadites and the Necronomicon. But because the Necronomicon had been destroyed all the deadites had reverted to normal dead hummans.

Ash is quickly is tried and convicted for the gruesome murders, but because he stands the fact that it was an evil army of Evil that he was fighting he is remited to Arkham Asylum. There he is put under the care of Dr. Herbert West.

Dr.West is still trying to prefect his re-antimation process and has struck a deal with the Deadites, if he brought them Ash and what reamains of the Necronomicon they would show him secrets of the Old Gods.

Once the Deadites have the book they enchant the Asylum and Ash is once again attacked by inanimate object made Evil. This time he is recused by Deuce Bellcamp and Sugarbaby. Bellcamp is one of Ash's biggest fans and brings him his trademark chainsaw and Boomstick. Sugarbaby is nurse at Arkham who possessess magic powers.

The three head off to find the Book but are conared by an army of Deadites and Reanimated body parts.

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