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In this issue, the adventure really begins to heat up, literally! As Ash and the Wise Man, with Necronomicon in (severed) hand, must cross the desert wastelands of sunny Egypt in the hopes of thwarting The Book of the Dead's plans to plunge the world into darkness! But, the Necronomicon proves it still has a few tricks up its "sleeve" when Ash's severed hand joins with an ancient mummy to become Evil Egyptian Ash! Also in this issue: the return of Sheila, Arthur, and Henry The Red! And, the death of a beloved character!

Ash and The Wise Man are on a plane heading to the birth place of the Necronomicon when there plane is taken over by Deadites. The heroes are forced to crash the plane in a swamp. The two then need to get directions from a tree and have to take a dangerous path with snakes and other deadite traps.

When they reach the cave the Wise man is killed by Ash's evil seavered hand. Ash chases after it but finds himself in a crypt. Just when he thinks his journey is over he is attacked by swarm of Deadites, who only trying to distract him while his evil hand returns to his true master Evil Ash.

Mean while it is revealed back in 1300 AD the Evil has possessed Eric the Red, Henry, Sheila and the rest.







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