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Hail to the king, Baby, the second issue of Army of Darkness: Ashes To Ashes is here! Continuing our story from issue #1, and featuring the incredible creative team of writer Andy Hartnell (Danger Girl), artist Nick Bradshaw, and finisher/colorist Etienne St-Laurent, this second issue features another 4 exciting covers: Greg Land (Sojourn) – capturing an iconic image of Ash, Skottie Young (Human Torch)– featuring a certain controversial performer, Nick Bradshaw – offering an incredible cover in homage to EC Comics, and another incredible photo cover featuring images from the Sam Raimi movie!

Ash and the Wise Man get ready to face the Deadites and the recapure the necronomicon, but first Ash sees Linda crying in the woods. He goes to comfort her but she as already been changed by the book. Ash has to saw his old girlfriend in half and fight off the evil trees and woodland creatures.

Once he has dealt with them he heads into the cabin where he comes face to face with himself from another time. The two Ashes have a crazy chainsaw batttle but with the help of the Wise Man, future Ash is able to push past Ash into a time portal.

The Wise Man tries to explain that the book must be destoried but Ash doesn't want to hear it. The Wise Man has to show Ash the world of future if the book is left undestoried. Ash decides the Wise Man is right and the two head off to where the book was created.







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