that60sguy's Army of Darkness #2 review

Army of Dynamite

I'm a fan of the Army of Darkness movies. I don't think they're awesome but they were thoroughly entertaining. This is my first foray into any of the Army of Darkness series' or issues. I began reading this with the mindset that I’ll probably enjoy it but as I mainly like Marvel superhero comics, I’m unlikely to keep reading the series. I WAS WRONG. This issue was so enjoyable I’ve not only decided to continue reading the series, but will now track down all the previous Army of Darkness series', including AoD vs Marvel Zombies.

As with most Dynamite series’, the art is fantastic. It’s more colourful then I prefer for an Evil Dead series and a bit more darkness and grittiness would have been more suitable. The colourfulness almost stops you from feeling the ‘evil’ are actually a threat. Nonetheless the characters are drawn well, the action sequences are fast and pacy and you almost feel like you’re watching a movie – although an animated one with speech bubbles! There’s a car chase scene at the beginning that is a great example of a well drawn action sequence. However the blurred effect they used to show speeding vehicles was slightly over used.

Ash still looks like a young Bruce Campbell which is no bad thing at all. In fact, being a fan of Campbell’s Sam Axe character from Burn Notice, I really enjoyed using his voice while reading.

The story flows smoothly and starts out in a surprising way before quickly switching to the action. Even without reading issue #1, the reader can get into the story without feeling they’re missing something. The ending is BRILLIANT. After Ash has dealt with the bad guys we switch scenes for the ending which is very well told with a slow, peaceful build up before BAM! - An unexpected twist that will leave you waiting in anticipation for the next issue.


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