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Ash vs. The Dracula (and the Classic Monsters) continues! Aaawhooo, werewolves of Detroit, aaaawhooo! Under the full moon Ash's world goes to the dogs as he faces a pack of savage lycanthropes and learns 16th century definition to "hair of the dog that bit me." Rampaging in the past as werewolf, Ash discovers a new adversary - Eva St. George, the mysterious Daughter of the Dead. But can a strange sexy cursed girl with an infamous bloodline find a way to cure him before she is forced to turn her shapely silver swords on the Chosen One? Trapped in time, betrayed by allies, and looking for the nearest fire hydrant, our canine hero must ditch his new Lon Chaney Jr. , persona and get back to the present to stop Dracula and his undead cronies from draining New York like a drunken bum at an honor bar. The ultimate horror showdown continues as Ash faces off with Dracula for the lost soul of vampiric Sugarbaby!

Ash finds himself in the past (once again) surrounded by werewolves and he is saved by Eva but not before he is bitten by one of the werewolves. Eva quickly disposses of the monsters and lucky cures Ash before he changes permently into a werewolf. Brother Miran tells Ash about who Eva is, meanwhile the Doctor Von Heinrich steals the Spike, the one thing powerful engough to kill Dracula. Eva and Ash chace after him though a time vortex back to the future.

Meanwhile in the future Dracula reveals to Micheal that his plan is to make it eternal night with the Spike and the Necronomicon.

When Ash and Eva leave the vortex they find New York City turned into a horror show with werewolves, mummies and vampires everywhere.

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