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Is Armor a major character in any new story lines?

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Yep, she will be in Messiah Complex. I read this on Wikipeida: "A preview cover shown on IGN.com suggests that Hisako will be featured in the upcoming Messiah Complex event, confirmed by preview artwork for New X-Men #46 which shows Hisako fighting alongside the team, though her overall role in the crossover still remains unclear." We'll have to wait to see how important she is in it though. I love teh character so I'm hoping we'll see a lot more of her over time. This is the cover that IGN.com was referring to btw:

Post" />http://image.comicvine.com/uploads/item/4000/3173/112877-x-men_400.jpg
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fesak says:


Is that one of the creatures from the mercury falling story line?

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isn't armor supposed to be with the astonishing team in space?

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