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Arliquinn is the creation of Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald.

Arliquinn and Seraphina

Arliquinn and Madame Divinite

Arliquinn is the daughter of Gitano and sister of Seraphina. When Lady Mechanika found out that Seraphina was the dead Mechanika Girl, Arliquinn spoke up and explained why Seraphina had left the Cirque du Romani. She swore to keep this secret from Gitano and the other Cirque members but found it necessary to mention it now if it would help Lady Mechanika in her investigation.

Arliquinn explained that a one-eyed woman came to Cirque Du Romani and was trying to find performers for her rival circus troupe. This one-eyed woman, who Lady Mechanika recognized as Commander Winter, wanted Arliquinn and Seraphina to join her circus troupe. Arliquinn did not want to leave the Cirque Du Romani but Seraphina did. Seraphina had great ambitions and so her and her lover, Angelo, left the Cirque Du Romani and went with Commander Winter. Arliqiunn felt terrible that she kept this secret from her father Gitano.

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