Arkillo's Power Level

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Now even though Arkillo, by far one of my favorite members of the Sinestro Corps, lost to Mongul during their battle on Daxam, the fact remains that he was more or less on par with his opponent throughout the course of the battle and gave the cocky despot a run for his money.  The fight could have easily gone the other way, but luck just wasn't on Arkillo's side that day. 
HOWEVER, what i want to ask you guys is what you think Arkillo's approximate level of strength and durability is?  We've seen him match blows with Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps during the Sinestro Corps War, but to see him match Mongul blow for blow and actually make him bleed is truly impressive since Mongul is one of the few baddies out there who can fight Superman on a more or less even playing field.  Does this mean Arkillo is at least in the same weight class as Superman or close to it? 

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Guess so

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Not sure-It might not be a matter of power, but of how you use it.  A case of raw power V.S. Experience & skill

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He only got a few good hits on Mongul II. He isn't in his league.

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more or less
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Around that level...

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Slightly < Kilowog's

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