Off My Mind: Going Beyond Arkham City—What Other Characters Should Get a Game?

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I read that a Suicide Squad game is in the works....

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Superman, Silver Surfer, or the Martian Manhunter. Redoing Justice League Chronicles game wit new missions and an upgraded storyline would be good

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I think Spiderman Web of Shadows was a great game.

Though I think I'd like a Deadpool, or World War Hulk game, or even a Marvel Zombies game.

A deadpool game could have the elements of a button mashing blood, blood violence, and all that good stuff like Wolverine; Origins. But it could have elements of Assassin's Creed, hitman etc too. Plus Deadpool is always entertaining, and the things he says could also add to the awesomeness.

World War Hulk I'll admit would just be.. well, 'HULK SMASH' but with enough effort it could be a decent game.

The zombies one would just be interesting, but probably not good :p

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Jonah Hex. Think about it. Red Dead Redemption was awesome.

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If we're going grim n' gritty I think Marvel Knights would be cool [Dare Devil, Punisher, Black Panther], Cloak & Dagger, Green Arrow, and Suicide Squad would be on the top of my list. But as much fun as others would have playing as Deadshot, I'd hope to use Multiplex in some awesome way. I always figured it'd be something like a Tom Clancy game for 'Plex where you'd spawn 4 or 5 dupes and give them orders like a soldier....

Of course the best thing for Suicide Squad would be to cater to new and old fans both. Deadshot, Cat Man, Harley Quinn, Multiplex, and maybe Capt. Boomerang and Bronze Tiger. Each would have a very different fighting style and when they died, another team member could be used until you run out of characters.


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Green Arrow/Black Canary co-op.

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I think that there should definitely be a justice league game! There was that game called Justice League Heroes in the past, but I've really been hoping for some thing in the batman arkham city range.

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I'd love for Stephanie Brown batgirl to be added in to AC, she's the best

As far as getting their own game I'd definitely pay for a great green lantern game. The movie tie in was surprisingly not terrible,i think a GL game with a real effort could come out fantastic. Make it 4 player co op also

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One of the things that makes Arkham City great is the variation--being able to use all the gadgets and such--and it's one of the reasons the Captain America game didn't work--because Cap only has his shield. As much as I love Flash, I can't see a game of his working as all he does is go fast--there is no variation. In this regard, I think Green Arrow/Hawkeye would work--with all their fancy arrows--but the fact is that most superheroes are one-trick ponies. How much variation can you give Wolverine or Aquaman? I liked what the recent Green Lantern game did--with all the different constructs--but I think the story and execution was rather poor. I think even Supes could work--with his heat-vision, x-ray vision, freeze breath, super-hearing--but again, no one has gotten the execution right as yet.

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@Rabbit_May_Cry said:

Red Hood. A Jason Todd story would work with this gritty type of game. And his fightin' abilities would be a brutal version of Nightwings fightin' abilities. It would fit the most I think.

JASON TODD JASON TODD Put him in his own game with these type of story's he would be amazing!!!!

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Don't they want to do a Superman game now?

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Wait, what about Terry? I'd be interested in seeing something focused on Terry McGinnis and Future Gotham

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A new Punisher game.

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I think that it would be pretty easy to make a daredevil game that plays just like Arkham city. He already kinda has detective vision

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@Batmarcus said:

@Rabbit_May_Cry said:

Red Hood. A Jason Todd story would work with this gritty type of game. And his fightin' abilities would be a brutal version of Nightwings fightin' abilities. It would fit the most I think.

JASON TODD JASON TODD Put him in his own game with these type of story's he would be amazing!!!!


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I would definitely check out a Wonder Woman game!

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Legion of Superheroes MMO! choose a race, choose power set, and grab a flight as you and millions of other HeroBoys/HeroGirl (Lad/Lass etc.) patrol the galaxy and bring to justice those who would do it harm. Team up with familiar faces as you explore famous location and travel back to key moments in time to save its future!

Long Live the Legion!

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A Teen Titans game (given that a less experienced team might open the game up to more options for story and combat) in a format similar to Mass Effect, could be incredible. Open-world elements, RPG character development, with different team members that determine the type of approach you take to transit or combat.

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  • A Catwoman game but in the 90s era with the purple costume and long curly hair. There was a Game Boy Color game with the exact same premise but too bad the game sucked. I demand a new one with sneaking gameplay like Manhunt and Hitman.
  • A Black Cat game with the same gameplay as Catwoman's.
  • The Question game - in a film-noir style game like LA Noire.
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A Nightwing game would work nicely, as well as a Green Arrow game. Characters with too many superpowers or with ridiculous powers (ridiculous as in don't work well for video games) don't work (i.e. super strength or speed, and flying). Characters that are essentially human, but use gadgets, strength, and brains are the best choice. On a side note I think games from the villains point of view would also work well, as well as give fans of villains a chance to beat up beloved heroes. Game ideas would be a Secret Six or Doomsday game. I know Doomsday has incredible strength and speed as well as the ability to jump huge distances, but to follow the Death of Superman story-line would allow for multiple heroes to be beaten, as well as a fight to the death against Superman.

Another idea for a Batman game would be to follow the Knightfall story-line. For this game to work properly, the developers should allow the players to play as Bane on some missions (such as a fight with Killer Croc, the release of all the criminals in Arkham, and of course the final battle with Batman), as well as Robin (Tim Drake), Jean-Paul Valley, Huntress and Batman. The list of villains in this game should include Bird, Cavalier, Film Freak, Joker, Mr. Zsasz, Black Mask, Firefly, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Scarecrow, Scarface, Trogg, Ventriloquist, Two-Face, Zombie, and any other villain that the story-line included. The developers could even add additional characters since everyone in Arkham had been set free. Different playable characters can go after certain villains, and other villains could add to side mission quest. With so many characters escaping from Arkham, developers could cut the use of henchmen from the game and focus on just capturing the escaped criminals, or only have henchmen for a few villains.This story-line would also allow players to explore all of Gotham, Arkham, the Batcave, and Wayne Manor. Now I know exploring all of Gotham as well as all those other locations and having so many characters could affect how the game is developed, but I really think the game could be pulled off.

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First off I agree with some of you in that a (Red)Robin, Nightwing, Daredevil, or any other none super powered vigilante game would be cool but it'll just become a "Batman: Arkham..." clone eventually somewhere down the line, cause I love Green Arrow but after the mystique over which arrows will be used in the game gets put to rest you'll be looking at another clone. Lack of super powers but mad skills and awesome gadgets make interesting games, Arkham City has just set that bar a little too high for anyone to come close to touching any time soon. Deadpool could be fun but his witty banter would a double edged sword: It could be some of the funniest stuff you ever heard, but unless they put in like boat load of voice over work some of that witty banter could get annoying after the first hundredth time. Speaking of Deadpool and anyone else that uses guns for that matter that is a very competitive genre right now and that could result in either an overshadowed game or more clones. Don't get me wrong a great story and the deep history/universe that comics have could make some stuff forgivable, but unless your bringing something new to the table your chances of success could be slim.

Games like Infamous, Prototype, and X-Men:Destiny kinda have the right idea with making their protagonist an original hero and the RPG aspect of X:Destiny is also a step in the right direction, so DC and Marvel should give these ideas more thought. If I had to choose an established hero I'd say Superman deserves a good game.

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I would dig a Deadshot game. It would be similar to the Hitman (Agent 47) games but with a enough differences and a comic twist to stand alone. You could have old Floyd exploring the murkier corners of the D.C. universe. you could have the same sort of idea with Hitman (Tommy Monaghan) as the protagonist only with altered gameplay to suit his skills and powers . I also think an Aquaman game would work, after reading his new 52 series you have a lot to work with. Finally I kinda like the idea of an Ant-man (Eric O'Grady) and a Taskmaster game you could have loads of action plus lot of humor.  
In fact a Taskmaster game would be the business. A whole catalogue of moves, gadgets and weapons from the marvel universe to unlock and use and a quirky plot in the style of that recent mini he had, it could be open planned or level based it would work either way. There would be a whole variety of missions as well, espionage, assassination, bodyguard work or teaching henchmen.   

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I apologize if this has been mentioned before but I think a Secret Six or Suicide Squad based game. The gritty characters would definitely help with the atmosphere and every level could be designed to be tackled in a different way, sort of like Deus Ex. You have Bane who would just smash through things, but then guys like Cat Man or Ragdoll could go about it in a completely different way.

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Always wanted a super hero game where you were the captain of the team and you where in charge of managing their attitudes, powers training, field work, education, and fitness.

Random crimes and what not would happen and you would have to choose best courses of action for each member of the team to where they would eventually learn from experience what to do during certain situations. I.E. you have a ice powers guy, and he systematically takes fire out when he sees it.

be a action RPG obviously.

Man, I want that.

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maybe there should be a blue beetle,lobo.or dare i say it scarlet spider!

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Why not get into a maniacs shoes? I would personally love a Joker game! I mean, even teh playable levels as Joker in Arkham asylum were awesome....JUst my opinoin.

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They could make a batman game that follows through his history. You could have 3 chapters to a game and 5 missions a chapter. Each act could be based around a big event with some extra missions then end with an important batman moment and them skip a chunk of time until the next important event. Here are my ideas.

THE CAMPAIGN: It would be a GTA style campaign where you are free roam but you go to different locations to start missions. ie. Commissioner gordons office, the bat cave, mob bosses house.

Tutorial: Him walking around at his house then falling down the hole. This could teach the basic walking around movements. Then get rescued. After Zorro his parents get shot. Explains his motives and makes his character have more depth. 1 mission.

Chapter I

Beginning: He begins to travel the world. This can teach you how to fight. 6 missions.

Middle: He is back in gotham and you take on some thugs. 1 missions

Final: Bat flies in window, he makes equipment. Gives first look at bat cave. 1 mission.

In between: Has started as batman and done some work. Made alliance with Commisioner gordon.

Chapter II

Beggining: Dick Graysons parents die. Batman trains him. 1 missions.

Middle: Robin and Batman go on some missions. 2 face is born. Fight 2 face and rescue robin. Batman believes it is too dangerous for dick and tells him to stop. 3 missions.

Sidemission: Robin while he is solo he goes after a mob boss because he wants to show batman he is good enough to continue. He takes down most of the organisation using information he has gathered. the mission ends in a fight against 2 of the bosses 3 luitenants. 1 mission.

Final: Batman excepts Dick back and they finish off the mob which turns out to be lead by penguin. 1 missions.

In between: They continue working to together.

Chapter III

Beggining: Robin leaves to go solo as nightwing. 1 mission.

Middle: Batman does a few solo missions and then finds Jason who he trains to become the next robin. 6 missions.

Final: Batman and Jason go after the Joker. Jason is beaten and killed by the joker. Batman beats the Joker in the final boss fight. 3 missions.

The tunnel to the night: Nightwing mini side chapter.

This is an additional nightwing side story it goes for 3 missions.

Mission 1: Defeats poison Ivy by him self in Gotham while he is trying to decide whether to become a new solo persona or not.

Mission 2: Goes to metropolis after tracking crimes from Gotham back there. he teams up with superman while there and they take down Lex Luthor. After some words of advice from superman he decides to go solo and supe's even gives him his name.

Mission 3: Goes to bludhaven while trying to decide whether to move city or not and discovers corruption and takes down the mayor who is also a luitenant to the biggest crime boss.

This is my idea for the next batman campaign.


Vs; This would be an arena style fight with any of the villains or heroes showed in the game except superman. You unlock each player as you meat them in the game. You begin with no multiplayer option until you finish the tutorial.

CO-OP: Have it possible to have co-op with any of the playable hero characters. But they have to be unlocked just like in the Vs.

This is my idea of a batman game. You could make a 2nd and 3rd part to this with the 2nd leading up to the newest robin coming a long then the third includes the "death" of batman and then the resurrection then what ever else comes up in the future from now. this could be on going they could make a new game every 5 years or so to update the story.

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I'm thinking it should be someone who does not have super powers/low level powers like Black Panther, Cap. America, Daredevil

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@ravisher: I could see a red hood game. Maybe have him run into batman at least once.

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I personally would love a third installment of X-MEN LEGENDS (i didnt care for Ultimate Alliance).

Also, I would be down for ELEKTRA, CATWOMAN (Arkham City spin-off), KICK-ASS, and even something like EXCALIBUR.

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Hawkman: Imagine flying all over the place and having battles in the sky

Ms. Marvel: She and Rogue are almost the same person, so you'll be struggling to figure out your own identity. Imagine her hatred for Rogue and one point in the game there would be a huge battle in the X- Mansion involving other X-Men characters. How crazy would that be?

Bane: The game would start out by you being a child in prison. You're given tasks/training stages. Kill enemy prisoners. Hide their bodies. Become more and more evil. Gain more abilities. You grow up. You escape prison. You recruit other villains.You make your way to Gotham. And you try to kill Batman.

Aquaman: This would be a great idea for a game. You telepathically control sea controls like sharks or whatever....roam the seas in Atlantis. And have your way.

Superman: Have him try to solve mysteries as a reporter Clark Kent. Have the ability to switch from Superman to Clark Kent anytime. Prevent disasters. Fight intergalatic monsters in outer space.

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Mephisto: You control the underworld, all the Supervillains who have died goes to hell. You deal with them how you must. You also get to ruin the lives of any Superhero you want (Spider-Man for example....hehehe).

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There is absolutely NO REASON why there has not yet been a GOOD Superman game.

#136 Posted by CATPANEXE (9505 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotham Girls, nuff said.

#137 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (966 posts) - - Show Bio

@hitechlolife said:

Thematically he couldn't carry a game by himself, but I think the mechanics for a potential Iceman game would be incredible if they made full use of a physics system.

I like the way you think friend. Iceman is my favorite Mutant, and just behind Batman and Spiderman for my all time favorite superheroes. I'd love a game that really showed off how awesome the Iceman can be.

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I would like to see a Deadpool game with an Arkham City/Assassins Creed style to it

#140 Posted by BlackArmor (6213 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman if they power down her strength flight and invulnribility could be a great game

#141 Posted by chris4man (5 posts) - - Show Bio

What about a game with Hush ? or the Batman Beyond batman after robin dies, and bruce gets old and beat up that mcwhatever his name was took over and batman had a new costume and gadgets. I think the Gotham city Imposters download thing looks cool thats coming out its clever even. The only thing i think Arkham City was missing was the batcave , it would be cool if he stopped by to get results of one of his investigations or an upgrade that way u could see the trophies he has there too and the cool batmobile/ wing/boat etc. The batwing in the last one was alot cooler than the one in this game though. I liked Robins gadgets , i think nightwing coulda had a little more work on his gadgets and they should have his gliding ability or atleast his gaunlets. I think Hush was bad ass i never seen him before and it was freaky being batman staring back at bruce wayne what a trip. My favorite part among so many in both games was the psycological aspect like u place as bruce wayne and break out and in both they show his parents , both had trippy parts like scare crow too bad we can't see him again.

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Im with some of the other people and making a JLA game. Good cast of characters and you could change between characters on certain levels. But the real question would be if the casual gamer would pick it up?

#143 Posted by Casshern (147 posts) - - Show Bio

Another Activision 4 character 4 player RPG adventure game sounds good...JLA with New 52 changing costumes.

I really enjoyed the X-men Legend game series.

As for a character by themselves...Wonder Woman. If Kratos can she can.

Static Shock? no that might make people think we were coping Infamous...but still.

BATMAN BEYOND! he is getting popular...he has his own comic.

Constantine?.Hmmmm?? Or maybe a game like Heavy Rain but it dealt with The Box from Hellraiser!

OK I'd play that!!

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I would love to play as red hood, or deathstroke. I also think that deadshot would be interesting, maybe a secret six game?

#145 Posted by King Saturn (218445 posts) - - Show Bio
I want a Justice League video game... Really Bad.
#146 Posted by deadpoolwins:) (135 posts) - - Show Bio

Also deadpool, taskmaster, an iron fist would all make awsome games!

#147 Posted by CodeSaint (169 posts) - - Show Bio

Savage Dragon:Beat 'Em Up,that you fight the colorful villains of the series between many stages of Chicago with the possibility of choosing diferent member of Freak Force,SOS,and other heroes of that universe.And if you could depower him right Nova would be a good choice.

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While I am a fan of all the various human vigilantes in the DCU (Nightwing, Red Hood, Green Arrow etc...) I don't imagine these games would provide a different or unique enough experience to be something other than Arkham City with a different avatar and different weapons.

I would be more excited to see a God of War-like Wonder Woman game which pulls on the horror style setting of the new 52 and provides epic brawls and a solid story. She has some distinct powers that would translate well into a easy to play game. Oh, and spare the campy villains... focus on the greek myth characters, and let her fly without the invisible jet.

I'm also inclined to think that Green Lantern has a lot more potential than the Rise of the Manhunters provided.

Superman would be too obvious of a game, considering it will likely get a movie-companion game that could be realized well. Additionally, I don't think that Flash's powers would translate well into a game with reasonable gameplay.

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@nobodythere said:

I'd love to see a Daredevil game which was just as in depth and satisfying as the Arkham series has been.


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characters (or groups) that need their own games


2-green arrow



5-justice league(with villans playable characters)

6-nightwing(i don't mind if it is a lego i just want him to kick asses)

7-teen titans (not from the tv show from comics)

8-moon knight (Marc will be awsome in his own game)

9-nick fury (with first first person view)

10-hawkman(nice to hit bad guys with a mace)


12-red hood(with the outlaws)

13-flash(barry allen or wally west i don't care)

14-question(but i want him to be able to hit and driving cars too)

15-aquaman(just give him a spear or a sword)

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