Interviews with the insane (Version 2.0)

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Hello Comic vine people! Laughing man here. (Wonder if anyone knows my from GB) Err anyways

I made this post on GB but no one really seemed interested. I wanted to see what the comic vine people thought of this stuff. I am quite excited for this game and stumbled onto the below videos on youtube.

Do they work with the background from the comics? Can Two Face really not make any ANY decision without his coin? Does Penguin REALLY hate The Waynes that much? Would Joker make a deal with Hugo to make his last weeks or days alive more comfortable?

So these videos are going around youtube and each is a interview with a different person

Lets get started
Each one of this interview is done by Dr.Hugo strange.

The first is with Harvey Dent, Aka Two Face

The second is with the Mayor AKA Quincy sharp. However The Riddle AKA Edward Nigma soon steps in

The third is with Penguin AKA Oswald Cobblepot

And the last is with the Clown prince himself. The Joker

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