Batman: Arkham City 'Batman Skins' PS3 Contest Giveaway [UPDATE]

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Posted by G-Man (19476 posts) - - Show Bio

We're still raving about Batman: Arkham City. There's been some different DLC coming out. Some have been hesitant about getting them just yet and others might be waiting until after the holidays see if they have any spare change to pay for them.

Because it's the season of giving, I have a couple codes to give away. We'll make this an easy contest. BUT, make note:

These codes are only for the PS3 version of the game!

The grand prize is a code for the Batman: Arkham City skins DLC Pack.

Included in the pack are seven skins:

· 1970s Batsuit Skin

· Year One Batman Skin

· The Dark Knight Returns Skin

· Earth One Batman Skin

· Batman Beyond Batman Skin

· Animated Batman Skin

· Sinestro Corps Batman Skin

The second prize will be only for the Sinestro Corps skin. ACTUALLY, we have TWO Sinestro Corps skins codes to give away. Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring also has one he's willing to give away to you guys.

How do you win?

Well, first you have to have the game on Playstion 3. Otherwise, there's no point in trying to win. Next, watch the trailer, if you haven't already.

Then you need to choose one of the skins and write a few sentences why you think a video game based on that skin would be totally rad. In other words, why would a BATMAN BEYOND game rule or maybe you think playing as Batman with a Sinestro Power Ring would be crazy exciting.

THREE winners will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Don't use alternate accounts. The grand prize winner will get a code for all the skins above and two runner ups will get the Sinestro Corps skin.

You have from now until Friday, December 23, midnight PT. Winners will be given their codes via pm's.

And again, these codes are for PS3 ONLY.

And the winners are...

As a former Math and Statistics teacher, I numbered each entry and used a true number generator. Basically, it's a digital way of selecting names from a hat. And yes, I did eliminate the comments that weren't actual entries.

The grand prize winner of the entire Skins Pack is cobra88king8

The first runner up with a Sinestro Corps Skin is Silkcuts

The second runner up with a Sinestro Corps Skin is blur1528

Thanks everyone for entering. Winners, the PS3 codes will be sent via pm. Congrats, guys!

#1 Posted by TheWitchingHour (1340 posts) - - Show Bio

DAMN YOU XBOX!!!!!!!!!!

#2 Posted by ReVamp (22885 posts) - - Show Bio

Yay. I'm not sure I want to compete, but 'mkay.

#3 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (2625 posts) - - Show Bio

Already got all of them.

#4 Posted by TopCat (3 posts) - - Show Bio

frank miller The Dark Knight Returns Skin is the one for me thats my all time best comic for me also ryan davis would choose that

#5 Posted by phoenix654 (23 posts) - - Show Bio

So many choices... I do wish there was another animated series game, but I'm going to go with the Year One Batman. Imagine it, no reason why you need to be Metroided right off the bat (haha) because you'll gradually create all the tools current day Batman already has. Maybe you wouldn't even start off with the suit, just wandering around Gotham as "Matches" Malone, learning the terrain, meeting Lucius Fox, brining Alfred in on the plan, etc. Could be so good.

#6 Posted by SuperShafe (470 posts) - - Show Bio

Dark Knight Returns skin: this would be awesome because you would be playing as batman but you would be slower and less agile than normal. you would still get the feeling of being batman because you would still be more capable than most humans and the game would really be focused more on being a detective than getting into little fistfights. plus you would have a horse and horses are cool.

#7 Posted by wasaroto (1 posts) - - Show Bio

So many and all are awesome.... I do wish there was1970s Batsuit Skin because it is the main suit in which Batman met and for anyone who worships the beginning Batz need such as this suit is almost a classic

#8 Posted by DarkChris (301 posts) - - Show Bio

Sinestro Corps Batman Skin: This ring needs fear. Batman dresses himself up as a bat to instill fear in the hearts of all criminals. If a yellow ring is given to him, he could be the most powerful Sinestro Cop! Imagine all the stuff he could make or how more efficient he would be in fighting crime.

#9 Posted by RobertLea21 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

A Game based on batman with the sinestro corps skin would be bad ass cause you could totally have a lot adventure with the storyline, like blackest night in a reality where Bruce didn't die and had to fight off black lanterns or a even a sinestro corps war storyline and im pretty sure there is more you can do with just that one skin.

#10 Posted by Gambit1024 (9843 posts) - - Show Bio

1970s Batsuit Skin-

- The 1970's skin is the closest thing to the Batman TV series from the 1960's.

- If they were to make a game based on that show, Adam West would be the voice actor for Batman/Bruce Wayne. Don't lie to yourself. You'd totally want to play as Adam West's Batman.

- Along with Adam West's Batman, you can play as Burt Ward's Dick Grayson, Yvonne Craig's Batgirl, or even Cesar Romero's Joker.

- A video game based on that Batman TV show would mean that you can defeat those classic villains. From the Penguin, and Riddler to the more obscure ones like King Tut and Egghead.

- This game experience would be unique because this Batman is much more cartoony than the one we know today. Missions would be much more bizarre and fun if they were to make a game based on the series.

- It could be fun for anyone. The kids would love the wackiness and the adults would play for the nostalgia factor.

- Finally, you can do the Bat-Dance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, please watch the video below.

And this is why a game based on that skin would rule. Thank you for reading ;)

#11 Posted by Pokeysteve (8857 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Beyond Skin - They can make a game with Terry and Bruce as Batman. A time jump type and choose your path kind of thing. The choices you make as Bruce/Batman directly affects the future and Terry's world. Ocarina of Time comes to mind.

#12 Posted by VZA (186 posts) - - Show Bio

Animated Batman all the way. Do I even need to explain? The whole series was so epic.

#13 Posted by D_Knight (66 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman TAS: one word: Nostalgia. I can t be the only one here whos first exposure to batman was that show at the age of 5? it be cool to see all the other characters in their TAS form esp for those that didnt show up in the show (ahem* ...azrael). Plus stages/missions can be based on episodes.

#14 Posted by douglin (4 posts) - - Show Bio

I think a Batman Beyond game would be great, they could even tie it into the 2 previous games, just jump forward 40 years, introduce Terry as the main character(MGS2 style) then they could go crazy with villains from the show and their own spin on villains tied in to the original ones.

I think it would also let them expand on the open world/gliding stuff from Arkham city, the world could have a lot more verticality and Terry could have his jets boots to fly around.

I always loved cranky old Bruce Wayne too so it would nice to have him as the voice in your ear for the game, love to hear Kevin Conroy play that Bruce again.

#15 Posted by TheDankalicious (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to go with Year One Batman. It would be cool if you could play as not only Bruce, but also Gordan. That would be amazing.

#16 Posted by Zeraphyne (100 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely the "Dark Knight"-skin. Batman makes the biggest impression, being almost as broad as high, physically speaking. Bruce is older, as before mentioned, he isn´t as much of a force as he was before. This way the gameplay would have to change to give you more nonconfrontational possibilities. And most of all, the story would ROCK! If i remember it right, Frank Miller didnt show that many villains (or heroes, for that matter), so there would be an ocean of ideas to exploit!

#17 Posted by trekjabber (6 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like an earth-one Batman. It would be a great way to flesh out the new world with new takes on all the villians and supporting characters. It would be great to actually tie the game to the comics in a similar way that was done with Ultimate Spider-Man.

#18 Posted by Bestostero (5590 posts) - - Show Bio

Would I be incredibly selfish if I entered already having most of the costumes? I don't have them all, but i got like half of them already, if that faults me feel free to kick me out of the running, no hard feelings lol

Batman Year One - I think this could be an amazing game, because its an amazing story! One of my favorite parts of Arkham City was playing as Bruce Wayne! So I would have it so you could play as Bruce trying to fight crime as himself, while inevitably assume the Batman identity. I would also have it so you can play as Comissioner Gordon too and progress through his story as well.

#19 Posted by WizardShazam (49 posts) - - Show Bio

1970s Batsuit - In the same way that the Arkham games and Nolan's films took Batman dark and gritty, a game set closer to the Silver Age could make for a great companion. Shirking the dark, urban envrionment, this game could go for goofy fun and embrace the rediculousness of the age. Featuring appearances from characters like Bat-Mite, the Rainbow Creature (and accompanying Batsuit) and the Batmen of All Nations.

#20 Posted by LordRequiem (1323 posts) - - Show Bio

1970s Batman, in a stand alone game. If it were based with any influence from the comics then imagine the colour scheme possibilities, his gadgets could be less developed, making for more interesting physical encounters. And he could have his Bat-shark repellant spray, of course.

#21 Posted by Drewmiester (1 posts) - - Show Bio

My hats off to Batman Beyond simply because of how expansive and unique the universe is.

McGinnis definitely offers his own take on Batman that's different from Bruce (and it'd be kickass to see Will Friedle voice him again) His Beyond suit's got some pretty cool tech that'll be awesome gameplay-wise aside from the occasional batarangs and detective vision: limited invisibility during Predator situations, jet boots, electrical charge on the suit, old man Bruce barking orders at you through your ear piece.

And in the same vein as the Arkham games, futuristic Gotham could be a pretty interesting world to explore. hologram ads, flying cars, the bright neon lights shining down on the otherwise gritty town. Plus with jet boots in place of the grapple gun, the developers can get a bit more creative for Batman's mobility.

On how big the animated series was and with the current ongoing series, the cast would have a unique take on familiar characters like Catwoman Beyond and Hush Beyond and not to mention Terry's own rogue's gallery.

#22 Posted by batmanary (790 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Year One- A game exploring the beginning of the Batman and his trek through the Himalayan mountains to experiencing the splendour of Paris; a game interspersed with flashbacks detailing how Batman came to gain each skill he possesses, and how disadvantaged he truly is. The game would be difficult, often putting you into corners, without a lot of your armour, per se....and no detective vision. The Dark Knight is to blaze his way through the streets of Gotham using multiple disguises, watching the moves of Gotham mob bosses like Carmine Falcone, Sal Maroni and Fats Zucco. Each time gaining special intelligence as to how they operate, and where they operate, in order to take them down. Fear is the key here, and Batman will have to instill it in the hearts of these criminal fiends in order to become a legend. In the beginning of the game, the police would be hostile to you, and if they see you, would shoot you on sight, but the more you operate and the more areas you release from the grip of the mob, the friendlier the police get. In each case, characters should be allowed to develop, and within the year, depending on your tactics, you become either a legend of the night, or a vigilante of the shadows.

#23 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Darn it, all the more reason why I should upgrade my PS2 finally...

#24 Posted by Yan6120 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Beyond: Well, I think it would be a great refreshing game, i mean having a batman that is not Bruce and in the future, it would be kinda different, but yet would be batman. We could interact with Ace, the dog, the future also gives wings to imagination, and you could do insane things, like jet boots, insivibility, super strenght? lol, everything is possible in the future. Well, we could control bruce in some level, like the first one, and in the second you would be Terry Mcginnis training with bruce. Thats why i think a futuristic version of batman would be a new, refreshing and incredible experience.

see ya.

#25 Posted by CloneOfBenReilly (12 posts) - - Show Bio



#26 Posted by SpitfireINK (240 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm definitely voting for the "Dark Knight" suit - I think foremost the visual game design would really be captivating in a "Miller-esque" environment. Dark Knight would certainly be a darker more visceral game and play upon more of Bruce's detective abilities (ya know he is older). Anyway this would open the door for developers to really dig into puzzle development - so expanding upon detective abilities we already find in Arkham Asylum/City (honestly they are far too easy - and the decoder was somewhat frivolous & honestly disappointing).

Most of all I'd really like to see more of the Bat-vehicles included - but - added much like the gadgets & really further the game narrative and not just a cheap gimmick.

Additionally - The Dark Knight mythos could itself be expanded to include more of the aged villans we did not get to see.

Hey - and Supes could make an appearance - Now how fun would that be? - Putting the boot to Clark's chin! -

#27 Posted by Nasar7 (157 posts) - - Show Bio

The TDK game would be awesome because you would be play as old man batman. They could make it like metal gear solid 4 where batman has to periodically stop to stretch out his back or you can make him grimace when he does a hard landing cuz his joints arent what they used to be. You could have an awesomely dystopian future too where Bruce is old but clashes against Talia still young thanks to the Lazarus pits.

#28 Posted by The Impersonator (5791 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheWitchingHour said:

DAMN YOU XBOX!!!!!!!!!!

#29 Posted by Vengeance88 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

The Dark Knight Returns because the graphic novel is amazing and would make a fantastic game.

#30 Posted by bobhole (2 posts) - - Show Bio

For me I would say the Batman Animated Series skin. I grew up watch the series and brings back many fond memories of my youth. Things were so much simpler then and I can honestly say it was the happiest time of my life.

And besides if you are an anime fan you can always do Big Head mode + Animated Series skin to have like some crazy ass batman anime. :D

#31 Posted by JaseDaniel (4 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely Batman: Year One. It would be so different than any other Batman game that's been made, at least to my knowledge. Not only do you get to play as a much younger, much more vulnerable Dark Knight, still learning the ropes and making mistakes from time instead of being unstoppable from the very beginning, but you would also get to watch the rise of Batman's fearsome reputation. You would get to play through Batman's first encounter with much of the scum of Gotham City as they learn not to mess with the Caped Crusader, and by the end of the game, the entire city knows to be on the lookout for you. Plus you could include some cameos from future super-villains, like Harvey Dent, Edward Nigma, Jonathan Crane, and, of course, Felicia Hardy.

#32 Posted by blur1528 (1033 posts) - - Show Bio

70s Batman. Classic era for bats. You got Batman Family which is a title that I would greatly enjoy today. Just rename Batman and Robin and you're good to go.

#33 Posted by batjoker500 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

i like the earth one batman suit i just like the way it looks and the updated version of heroes is something I've always liked.

#34 Posted by mosaic6 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

the batman beyond costume because i find that the best looking and i loved the batman beyond cartoon, its my favourite cartoon of all time.

#35 Posted by Grim (2095 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gambit1024 said:

1970s Batsuit Skin-

- The 1970's skin is the closest thing to the Batman TV series from the 1960's.

- If they were to make a game based on that show, Adam West would be the voice actor for Batman/Bruce Wayne. Don't lie to yourself. You'd totally want to play as Adam West's Batman.

- Finally, you can do the Bat-Dance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, please watch the video below.

And this is why a game based on that skin would rule. Thank you for reading ;)

...ok, yeah.

#36 Posted by danhimself (22752 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man: you have PS3? what's your PSN????

#37 Posted by Mjdemon (51 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Beyond easily. With Arkham Cities gliding aspect vastly imrpoved having the next game in the Batman Beyond Universe will be easy for Rocksteady to make. We know Terry can basically fly without the need of a Batjet or something. Also with the ending of Arkham City you'll need some new villains to surround the protagonist on. And if thats not a good reason enough. The Batman Beyond costume looks amazing.

#38 Posted by Gambit1024 (9843 posts) - - Show Bio

@Grim: I can't tell if you're agreeing with me :/

#39 Posted by Silkcuts (5123 posts) - - Show Bio

Sinestro corps of course.  Batman's greatest weapon is fear and what more then a ring that feeds on fear?  I love how Batman is seen as a hero because he fights crazy people, but in all reality he is crazy and a vigilante. Write the book set as him being a bad guy and he can be seen as the greatest bad guy ever.  Batman + Yellow = BAT$#!+ Crazy

#40 Posted by carnivalofsins00 (925 posts) - - Show Bio

The Dark Knight Returns skin, because, really, what's better than Old Bruce.

#41 Posted by anarchcorp (44 posts) - - Show Bio

Sinestro Corps Batman, because of th crossover potential and it's many possible variables. Something like Brutal Legend but better, som RTS elements against the other corps and some character action. IT WOULD RULE!

#42 Edited by thephantomstranger (129 posts) - - Show Bio

Well if everyone gets to ignore the 1970s suit and replace it with the 60s show then I get to replace the Earth One skin with Batman Inc.

You know how joyfully insane Grant Morrison's writing is? Imagine it in video game form. *drops mic*


The general story told through Batman Inc. and Morrison's past and future Bat titles allow for a wide range of adaptation and are not as restricting as Batman Year One or The Dark Knight Returns. The major problem story wise with those two beloved comics is that they are beloved and are in general self contained. It would be easier to take elements from Batman Inc. without sullying the whole affair.

Game play:

>The premise of Batman Inc. allows for easy use of the greater Batman family. This could allow for co-op or just more playable characters.

>The setting does not push the idea of stripping the player of all the gadgets they know from the previous Arkham games, bags of spilling do not go over well with most gamers

>Leviathan could provide an opportunity to add some more strategic gameplay, on a broader sense, now I'm not talking a full blown RTS but perhaps a branching story that does not compromise Batman as a character. Simply put the player would make decissions on how they want to proceed. (Ex//The player chooses to send someone after a maguffin as a distraction allowing Batman to opperate with a little more freedom)

Batman has very often been the great stratagist of the Justice League and we have yet to see that in the Arkham games. In addition if strategic choice was well implemented it would solve one of the most glaring problem with any third Batman game. That problem being that their gameplay is growing stale.

To explain I'll start on stealth, it is relatively light and it's best strength is that your Batman without any significant changes it just feels like the same thing that we all played in the first two games. Then there is the combat, probably the games' greatest strength, it may be the best implementation of freeflow but without any major changes players will grow tired of that too. Ofcourse they are likey to not grow tired of it if a new gameplay mechanic was introduced. Pleas keep in mind I'm not trying to insult Rocksteady as they have done an excellent job it is merely society that is to blame, dramatic no? As society hungers for more entertainment they grow tired of anything they've seen before so even though a third Arkham game would still sell gangbusters unless a new gameplay mechanic is introduced the critical reception will begin to deminish until the gaming public treats our dear Batman like Modern Warfare 3. So what I'm saying is Grant Morrison can save Batman.

Now granted that whole bit at the end is a little dramitic, perhaps even insulting to a few insane people, but when you don't have $5 for a psn card one must go for the dramitc and nonsensical...

EDIT:Oh I didn't notice my lack of formatting...fixed...for the most part

#43 Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did (1109 posts) - - Show Bio

i believe that batman beyond would make the best game. as terry you get the feeling of starting fresh, while you will still be living up to the whole batman legacy and mantle your still starting fresh. you're just a teenage kid trying to do whats right without the decades of stories to intimidate you or give the feeling of never really being able to live up to the sheer awesomeness that is The Batman. on top of that you get all the suits enhancements, a huge futuristic open world to navigate, interesting twists on past characters, and you can fly [be honest, who doesnt like flying in video games]. finally with batman beyond the writers can take more risks because they have less to work with and as rocksteady has proven when given license to be creative they succeed all expectations [and given the already gritty feel of the batman beyond series theyre starting in the right direction].

#44 Posted by Bergquist (695 posts) - - Show Bio

A Batman year one game would be fun. It would give more people a chance to understand Batman's path to becoming the legend. The game would start a few years before he becomes Batman; the tutorial for the game would be him training all over the world. Learning everything from fighting to how to be a escape artist from zatanna's father. Then we will slowly start to fight crime in a assassin's creed type open world game. As you fight villains you will start to build the Batcave with the stuff you take from the villains I.E giant coin :)

#45 Posted by Grim (2095 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gambit1024 said:

@Grim: I can't tell if you're agreeing with me :/

am. i most certainly am.

#46 Posted by Aiden Cross (15526 posts) - - Show Bio

Dark knight returns - Because you may be old and frail, but if your name is Batman, you can still kick ass. 'Nuff said.

#47 Posted by Eyz (3042 posts) - - Show Bio

Aww...not for the Xbox too? Oh well,..

#48 Posted by tepper10 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, if Year One is indeed the beginning and TDK is the "end" of the Miller Batman universe, I could see and entire series of games based around the decades in between. You are welcome Rocksteady. I just made you millions.

#49 Edited by CaptainUseless (728 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Beyond- Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum are probably the best Batman games in history, so imagine if it was set in the future. The game developers could be much more creative with the level and enemy designs. Terry McGinnis would be the playable Batman. Bruce Wayne would give the first few missions to Terry and would also teach him the controls in the tutorial. Terry's arsenal of weapons would be larger and would include; flash grenades, smoke pellets and grappling guns built into his forearms to name a few. The main enemy would be Tim Drake as the Joker. Along the way you would fight the Jokerz, the Dee Dee Twins and Metallo among others. Neo-Gotham would be a very bright place, with neon lights on tall buildings. Finding places to hide would be harder with all the extra light.

#50 Posted by Sammo21 (702 posts) - - Show Bio

Obviously the Batman Beyond skin and a Batman Beyond game would be the best. I mean thinking of the possibilities:

You could introduce a whole new rogue's gallery to fans old and new who maybe never became acquainted with the BB series. The storyline could easily pick up from the (Arkham City spoiler ahead)

end of Batman Arkham City where Batman possibly hung up the cape and cowl because of the death of Talia Al Ghul and the death of Joker. Obviously I don't think this would happen but I think it might be an interesting jumping off point.

You also could introduce mostly new weapons and gadgets for the new Batman to use and also have the ability for a larger Neo-Gotham with Terry's ability to fly (although slightly limited at times) would also open up travel. The visuals have the ability to be pretty awesome with Blade Runner-esque designs and slightly different soundtrack and feel compared to not even Batman games but almost everything. You could also do something other series do not tend to do and have cameos from other heroes of the time. Imagine a rampaging Superman that you have to stop, or perhaps you have to team up with the newer Justice League on a mission or two. I think these could be interesting and maybe even take the player for a few missions outside of Neo-Gotham.

Powers and abilities would be different than what Bruce had in the Arkham games, though some of the style would remain. The suit used in Batman Beyond is decades beyond anything Bruce used with steal abilities, internal zoom and long range microphones, microphones built into the tips of the fingers for when he's prying outside of windows and walls, bat-a-rangs similar to what Bruce used though maybe with the ability to pull off crazier stuff, flight, built in grappling hook system, multiple vision modes, and more.

I think another interesting thing to include would possibly be flashback sequences involving Bruce that might have some bearing on the story or a case Terry is working. They could also go the more open world route by having a main storyline but tons of actual crimes and cases to do besides that (kind of in the vein of Elder Scrolls titles). I also think it would be interesting to where instead of leveling up individual gadgets you could put points into styles you want to use so you can create a Batman that you want to play: more aggressive, gadget focused, stealth focuses, etc. The inclusion of being able to use the BB Batwing style vehicle could be cool too.

Anyway...Batman Beyond could be a great setting for a game and even plausible as a future for the gritty Gotham we see in the Arkham titles. I'd buy it day one.

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