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Okay, so, i havent even played Arkham city yet, but i have watched the walkthroughs. (i dont own a ps3 or an Xbox360...i played Arkham Asylum on my brother in law's PS3 and i dont go over to visit often...ANYWAY...) I was told about the ending, how the joker dies (with a smile of course...) and I watched a video of the cutscene. The music was very moving. (gosh im such a sap...)I felt bad for poor Harley! (reminded me of Birds of Prey, and how the Joker was NEVER present in the TV show...) Personally, I hate that they killed him off...he was one of the greatest comic book villains of all time. Do you think that he will come back? I think they might. Either that, or DC will completely disregard the video game's ending and keep him going. If not that, Harley is going to go completely INSANE and cause havoc...anyway, these are just my thoughts. :)

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The reason he was killed off is because Mark Hamill was not going to return to do the voice. Knowing that no one could compare, Rocksteady just chose to kill him. It makes sense. 
I was far, FAR more annoyed about them killing Talia. Still amazing game though.  
The next game seems like it's going to have Doctor Hurt, which would be insanely awesome. 

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yeah i was bothered by Talia dying too...heck, Ra's is probably gonna haul back to the lazarus pit...I havent seen the complete set of walkthroughs. I got to the point where is was going on those trials and following Ra's. on that note, (and the fact that im a fairyly new Batman fan), i have absolutely no clue who Dr. Hurt is... >.

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@pinkdaizygirl: Unfortunately, the Lazarus Pit was destroyed when Clayface fell into it, but otherwise I would have thought the same.  
Doctor Simon Hurt was introduced (properly introduced, he had a mini appearance in the 50s or something) only relatively recently as a member of the criminal organisation, the Black Glove. It is strongly insinuated throughout his appearances that he is the Devil, or at least believes himself to be. He's a genius, and very long-lived, for a reason that's too complicated for me to explain at midnight lol.   
There were some hints within game as made by Azrael that Batman would be plunged into Hell and that Gotham would be consumed, which is very reminiscent of Doctor Hurt's actions in Batman and Robin #13-16.
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ohhhh...i see. It sorta reminds me of "Demons" when Jason Blood was talking to Batman about the tablet Ra's wanted... Well, dang! They really left no loop holes, did they? I'll have to continue watching the walkthroughs..

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Wonder what type of boss fight Hurt is gonna bring,though he'll most likely use Flamingo.

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I took the azreal warnings as the cataclysm storyline. The earthquake would be Gotham plunged into hell, it would make sense in the context of creating a large open world game

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Just got the seismic disturbances riddler trophy and it describes seismic incidents. Think it pretty likely to be cataclysm, would love that but must involve all the bat family (CASS!!!)

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Yeah, I'd love a Cataclysm leading to No Man's Land form story... a little of that was already developed in this chapter, particularly with the villains owning certain territories and such.

The ending was a shocker for me, although when it was over it seemed to only true possibility, especially to offer a positive exit for Mark.

I think the fact that I was so stunned and flabbergasted about what could come next (particularly for characters like Harley) makes the next installment of the game even more anticipated and possibly even more awesome. I think even Batman was so shocked he isn't sure what will happen next.

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yeah...i think Stephanie Brown could be a good addition, as well...

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

The next game seems like it's going to have Doctor Hurt, which would be insanely awesome.

Yeah, that's what I thought after he got away.

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dang i really want this game

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or..i could the walkthroughs....

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