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Set in the Arkhamverse, shortly after the Arkham Asylum riot, the former director of the asylum, Quincy Sharp is elected mayor of Gotham City after taking credit for Batman's work in restoring order to the asylum. Sharp eventually becomes influenced by the mind of Hugo Strange, who acts as his therapist, able to bend Sharp's will. After an attack on Sharp's life, orchestrated by Strange himself, Strange suggests that Sharp wall off a section of Gotham, creating a new Arkham where they would be able to place all the criminally insane, and those with a record at the Asylum to live by their own means, separated from the rest of society.

Video game

Arkham city will be the setting of the upcoming game "Batman: Arkham city" Batman will have to explore the city where many famous villains have set up their claim and fight for their claim. The player will be able to play as both Batman and Catwomen at different points in the game. The main villain appears to be Dr.Hugo Strange.

The Joker, The Riddler, Penguin, Mr,Freeze, The Mad hatter, Solomon Grundy and Two Face will all be making an appearance in the upcoming game.

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