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824483 Samipa Location Overview Man-Bat is seen in the arkham asylum for a numerous times. 10/27/15 07:36AM 2 Approved
824481 Samipa Location Overview The mime appeared in " Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #5 ". 10/27/15 07:25AM 3 Approved
824476 Samipa Location Overview Ventriloquist is seen numerous times in arkham asylum over the years. 10/27/15 07:08AM 4 Approved
824475 Samipa Location Overview Added tweedledum and tweedledee to the characters list because they appeared in arkham asylum in "Arkham Asylum #1". 10/27/15 07:06AM 4 Approved
824473 Samipa Location Overview Added silken spider, tiger moth and santa klaus to the characters list because they were missing even if they are listed in the text section in this wiki. 10/27/15 07:03AM 6 Approved
824467 Samipa Location Overview Added many characters to the characters' list who were already found on this wiki entry list (under alphabetical order). Also including characters appearing in "Batman: Arkham Asylum - Tales of Madness #1". Also adding characters who appeared in "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1" 10/27/15 06:56AM 86 Approved
562421 trayc27 Location Overview 11/09/14 10:51AM 9 Approved
477472 name_already_chosen Location Overview added missing details 07/05/14 06:20PM 97 Approved
379410 EMH_Bruce Location Overview Both Links on Amadeus Arkham and Jeremiah Arkham led to Jeremiah Arkham. Linked Amadeus Arkham to the right page. 03/02/14 02:19PM 1 Approved
358827 Saren Location Overview 02/04/14 08:27AM 34 Approved
326642 Nia Wolf Location Overview 01/04/14 07:42AM 1 Approved
43265 pikahyper Location Overview 04/30/13 08:02AM 2 Approved
43264 pikahyper Location Overview 04/30/13 08:02AM 1 Approved
43261 pikahyper Location Overview 04/30/13 08:01AM 2 Approved
32891 LyraFay Location Overview Noted where the name of Arkham by have originated. 04/23/13 03:10PM 15 Approved
30399 EPYON8675 Location Overview 04/21/13 06:14PM 23 Approved

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