Something I noticed...(Arkham Asylum&Batman: Under the Red Hood)

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I was playing AA the other day and heard Joker say "Looks like you could use a new sidekick." I was wondering if it was a reference towards "A death in the family/Under the Red Hood" when Jason Todd was killed. Fast forward to Arkham City, Robin #3 Tim Drake is present. It was just a cool observation I made. Another thing, I was watching UTRH and when Jason was talking about the Joker, he said "......the friends he's crippled". I had just read The Killing Joke and wondered if he was talking about Barbara Gordon being confined to a wheelchair. Anyway, thats just something i noticed. I wanna hear your thoughts! What do you guys think?

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I'd say you're pretty spot on. Also, unrelated, but I have your EXACT same avatar on another site. Kinda eerie actually.

#3 Posted by pinkdaizygirl (134 posts) - - Show Bio

pretty cool! and it also got me thinking that if they make another installment into the Arkham videogames, would Damian Wayne or Stephanie Brown be present?

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If they do make a 3rd game how are they going to top AC? United States of Arkham?

#5 Posted by pinkdaizygirl (134 posts) - - Show Bio

well, thats true....but..the title doesnt always have to be like the others...I mean, THe Dark Knight title wasnt similar to Batman Begins...but they are making the 3rd installment The Dark Knight Rises.

#6 Posted by Joygirl (20855 posts) - - Show Bio

"Batman Kicks Everyone's Ass". Should be the third one. And, dagnabbit, every time you post I think I posted and I wonder what I said. XD

#7 Posted by pinkdaizygirl (134 posts) - - Show Bio

lol! That title sounds a bit...too....i dunno...they should have something having to do with Dark Knight, but i dont know...

#8 Posted by pinkdaizygirl (134 posts) - - Show Bio

or something that has to do with Gotham city.

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