bloodwolfassassin's Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #5 - Chapter 5: Patterns review


We open with Magpie and Poison Ivy attempting to escape in the midst of the chaos caused by the prison riot. Somehow they find this creepy chamber and are attacked by the demons. Meanwhile, Jane Doe has dragged White into a cell that's usually reserved for Mr. Freeze. (As one would imagine, it's a little bit chilly in there) We learn that she wishes to leave him to die and steal his life and even has a suit of him made... creepy. Meanwhile again, we get a bit more detail regarding Doodlebug's origin. Apparently, he was once a contractor at Arkham when this strange pattern started speaking to him. He followed this muse of his to great fame, as well as murder when it told him to. You think that's sick, just wait until later. Back with Bullock and Blood, Blood reveals that he has a secret stash of human tongues in his cabinet (What, don't you?). Naturally Bullock is freaked out by this rather disturbing turn of events, but Blood has no time to screw around and just takes control of his mind using some "These aren't the droids you're looking for" mojo and the two leave, taking the tongues with them. Back with Doodlebug and Junkyard Dog, Junkyard Dog reveals that he has Aaron Cash's hand and uses it to open doors so the two can escape. Bug however does not plan on escaping as his muse demands he keep painting the walls at Arkham. Then he runs out of paint. His eyes then glow red and he TEARS OUT JUNKYARD DOG'S F*CKING HEART WITH HIS BARE HANDS AND CONTINUES TO PAINT THE WALLS WITH HIS BLOOD!!! Now that sh*t has just gotten real, Jason Blood decides he must enter the fray. So it's gone, gone o' form of man and rise the demon... ETRIGAN!

What Works:

The Holy Sh*t factor of this book is alarmingly high, particularly the tearing out the heart scene. That scene has actually helped to inspire a specific scene from a screenplay I've been working on.

What Doesn't:

Despite a few great moments here and there, this is actually the weakest issue of the mini series and serves mostly as padding.



Stay tuned for the final installment of my retrospective review of Arkham Asylum: Living Hell for the explosive finale.

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