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Ari of Arkhanta

Ari was a former farmer from Arkhanta. When his wife died, he blamed the Oracle and looked for the most possible ways of seeking revenge especially for the reason that his son Maqi became very unhappy as he feels no feeling. He was just a quiet boy. Ari then captured Yua, a banshee who granted all his wishes after capturing her. He requested luxury and everything that will make him rich causing him to be hailed as the King of Arkhanta. He chained Yua so she would not escape not knowing that beyond all the guarantees that this banshee gives for his wishes, she implanted anger in her heart. She ordered Yua to create different ways on defeating the W.i.t.c.h. as well as Kandrakar. Aside from these, Ari also created ways on making his son happy. He asked different performers and did all possible things that he can but even luxury cant afford to make his son happy. His anger for the Oracle then grew and vindicated more. When Yua have escaped, he decided to join force with the W.i.t.c.h. and he defeated Yua. Oracle then gave the best gift for him, to make Maqi a happy child.

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