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When the team of A-Next is attacked by a Hispanic youth who identifies himself as "Argo the Almighty". Argo shrugs off the sonic thunder blasts of Thunderstrike (who himself had powers drawn from the gods of myth), and defeats the super-strong J2 (son of the Juggernaut). The other A-Next members combine their powers and were finally able to subdue Argo. It is soon learned Argo is trying to take advantage of the 'fight then team up' clich common among superheroes that the Marvel Comics superheros themselves understand and acknowledge. J-2 in particular is shocked that the fight was some sort of greeting. Argo informs A-Next that he is the son of former Avenger Hercules. Argo is trying to find his missing father, and needs help. Using their S.H.I.E.L.D contacts, the team is able to locate Hercules, who is suffering from mental trauma from witnessing an event which nearly destroyed the Avengers. Argo attacks his father, enraged that his father "abandoned" his mother and his son. Argo would have critically injured Hercules, who wasn't fighting back as penance for what he thought were his grievous sins, had not Thunderstrike intervened. When Argo saw the emotional state his father is in, the two share a tearful reconciliation. Argo states that he was going to help his father recover, and try to bring his family back together. Later, when A-Next is attacked by a rival team of villains (The Revengers), Argo fought for his friends (along with other allies of A-Next) and when the battle was won, Argo accepts membership in A-Next.

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