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Brum-El (thinking his planet, Schwab, was going explode) launched his wardrobe into space. A giant, radioactive spider destroyed it, but the Ambush Bug suit and a sock survived. The sock became alive due to the radiation. Irwin Schwab found the suit and took it. The sock wandered the streets alone. After being mauled by a cat, the sock entered a lab and mastered its technology. He built himself a mask and became Argh!Yle! to get revenge on Ambush Bug for abandoning him.


Argh!Yle! gained an army of living socks and a space station (which looked like a wardrobe). He captured Ambush Bug and trapped him in a giant diaper. Then, he threw the diaper to Earth.

He tried to kill Ambush Bug with the "Plan of Steel", which involve a copy of Superman's shoe. DC Comics blew up Argh!Yle! for violating their copyright of the character.

In Ambush Bug: Year None, Argh!Yle! sent minion socks to defeat Ambush Bug, but is arrested.


In a parody of Who's Who, it was claimed he had the powers of "the Legion of Super-Heroes' socks", but this is never shown or expanded upon.

He has genius-level intelligence.

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