Why is he worshipped in modern times?

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One of the plots in the current Herc book and a reoccurring one with Ares is he tends to have modern mortal worshippers.  The main ones are the Warhawks, but he has others as well.  Why do you think Ares inspiries worship in modern times?  Power-wise 9/10 he comes across as no different than a really strong, hard to kill brick.  Tough, but not that godlike compared to many other superhumans.  Is he just charismatic?  Knows how to manipulate people drawn to violence?  Playing off his mythological name?

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Because he is the god of war, most of his worshipers probably live in a constant state of war or battle of one sort or another. You don't need to be all powerful to have followers, Captain Marv-ell has worshipers.

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Why worship Thor? Why worship Jesus? Or anyone? In the Marvel Universe gods,aliens, sorcerors, demons, angels and such are real everyday occurences. So why not worship? Sure in "our world" Ares worship has been superseeded by Chrsitianity, Islam and even Judaism but in the MU; Asgard hovered above Broxton Oklaholm, the end of the world is every second Thursday and Matt Murdock did up my will.

The reason we know who he is means pockets/individuals have keep it going or at least taught it in school like the Egyptian Gods (who for some reason are always the bad guys in the MU) and thus Ares is still around. And since he's the war god and humans do nothing BUT make war he'll be around

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