His motives

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I know who he is, but I haven't really followed him. One thing I don't get is, what are his motives. You know, his main drive. He is a god he should be above all this, right? What's in it for him to join the avengers and stuff? He is the god of War, so shouldn't he encourage violence instead of trying to stop it?  His DC counterpart relishes War, it makes him stronger. So shouldn't conflict make him stronger as well?

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War is an aspect all war has a cause.

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I don't think Ares is a character that thrives on war, but rather the honor war brings. That, and his son.

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phobos def.  i really hope ares comes back soon honestly
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I hope he comes back too he is one of my favorite Marvel characters.

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Originally Ares was a villain, but with him being on the "Dark" Avengers, not sure what he was doing before that. But I think he had a falling out with Zeus, much like Thor did with Odin and instead of hiding he joined man. Heck he took up a job and worked at a construction site. I think mostly to keep an eye on Phobos. And as stated above Ares doesn't reveal in war itself he reveals in the honor war brings. Its why he turned on Osborn when they assaulted Asgard because he knew there was no honor in it, also Osborn lied to him and that just couldn't stand.

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As a villain Ares was all about starting wars.  His goal was to reduce mankind to a more primitive state where war would be continuous.  Either that or overthrow Olympus to start a bunch of mindless wars.  His goals haven't ever been any grander than that.  Wars for him were the only reason to live.
As a an anti-hero Ares joined the Avengers because it gave him a way to be violent in a respectable way.  It also made him a better role model for his son and do work that did need to be done.  Ares was trying to be noble but in a way that is alien to modern standards.
One defining feature about Ares is war is constant.  Causes and empires come and go.  A side may claim for something an win for a while, but than another any maybe even opposite side will win for a while.  Since mortal causes and what not come and go the fight is what always remains.  And the goal of fighting is to (usually) win.  Ares stuck with Osborn because he has never been big on "rules of war" and to Ares Osborn was just another person to fight with.  The work and call of battle was still needed.

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