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Ardia is a minor member House Dexter, but plays an important role when she is manipulated by the being known as Enson into believing that her life mate, Vechem, was murdered after a meeting with Seahn. All evidence of the murder points to Seahn as the culprit. Although Seahn was only a minor character in the beginning, this incident changes the view his people have of him and sets the tone for his actions later down the road. However, it should be noted that Ardia was a chaste member of the First and her life mate was an extremely detailed illusion that fooled almost every member of the First. The illusion was created by Enson in order to manipulate Seahn into his future role as the possible leader of the First.

Ardia's name is derived from the word adore and is supposed to govern her personality. Ardia is not seen again due to the sudden cancellation of the series after Crossgen filed for bankruptcy.

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