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Arcturus Rann was the son of Lord Dallan Rann and Lady Sepsis, the ancient rulers of the planet known as Homeworld, located in the Microverse. Rann was chosen for a 1,000 year mission to explore the Microverse within the confines of the starship Endeavor. During his travels, he became linked with the Enigma Force, the essence of the Microverse itself, which granted him a variety of powers. His constant exposure to The Enigma Force eventually resulted in his developing cancer.

When his mission was complete over 1000 years had passed. Arcturus returned home only to find that his parents had long ago been murdered by Baron Karza, his former teacher who now ruled Homeworld with an iron fist. Karza captured Rann and imprisoned him. While escaping from Karza's prison, Arcturus joined forces with Prince Acroyear, Bug and Princess Marionette to rebel against Karza. Forming The Micronauts team. They eventually succeeded in Karza's defeat but at the cost of the complete eradication of the inhabitants of Homeworld.


Mego Space Glider

Arcturus Rann is based off the Mego Space Glider toy which itself is a remake of the original 1975 Super-Steel Microman action figure. The comics character Arcturus Rann was created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden and first appeared in Micronauts #1 (1979).

Mayor Story Arcs

Forming the Micronauts

Arcturus, along with Marionette, Acroyear and Bug formed the Micronauts as a team of resistance fighters to oppose the galactic dictatorship of Baron Karza. After Karza's defeat, Arcturus led them on adventures across the Microverse.

Enigma Force and the Son of Hulk

Arcturus began searching for the Enigma Force Nullifier and continued his search for decades. He believed that with the device he could cure his cancer which was the result of prolonged close contact with the Enigma Force. Along with Carl the Death's Head robot and a recently returned Marionette, they found the nullifier on the planet K'ai, only to find the crazed son of Hulk, Hiro Kala. Hiro planned to destroy the Old Power, which included destroying the Microverse. Instead of curing himself, Arcturus used the Nullifier in an attempt to defeat Hiro Kala.

When the Nullifier Wave was released, it reset the Microverse from the destruction Hiro unleashed and cured Arcturus' cancer. But Hiro was not defeated and took the planet K'ai with him into the the Macroverse. Arcturus formed the Enigma Force as a group to follow Hiro, defeat him and return the planet to it's rightful place in the Microverse.

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