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If you thought National Lampoon's Vacation was funny, wait until you see this 48-page special! It features Archie and his friends rollicking through summer break on vacation and at summer camp. Will those lazy-hazy summer days ever recover?! "Riverdale Family Andrews," by Bill Golliher and Jeff Schultz: Mr. Andrews plans to "get away from it all" by renting a bungalow on the Island for his family, but he doesn't get far enough away... when all of Archie's friends show up on the plane! With Mr. Lodge as a benefactor, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica join the voyage... only to end up shipwrecked with the Andrews family! "Fashion With A Passion," by George Gladir and Jeff Schultz: When Archie and Jughead don Mr. Andrews' rare Hawaiian shirts for Veronica's Beach Luau, they end up as models in a high-profile fashion shoot! "It's A Small World," by Mike Pellowski and Tim Kennedy: Dilton tries to give Archie a nature lesson on the beach, but the only nature Archie is interested in wears a bikini! "Wasted," by Mike Pellowski and Bill Golliher: Archie and Jughead don't want to waste their vacation, so they work up a sweat talking about all the things they're "going to do" on it!







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