The Library Of Congress Reports: Archie Loves Robert Frost

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As you may have heard, in Archie #600, Archie proposed to Veronica.  As he was literally walking up Memory Lane, he came to a fork in the road.  Later we saw him proposing and marrying Veronica.  You may have also heard the news that Archie is somehow going to marry Betty.  The Library of Congress has reported that Archie loves poet Robert Frost.
In Archie #602, Archie reads his favorite poem to his two kids, Frost's "The Road Less Traveled."  In Archie #603, Archie will be going back down that lane and decides to take the less traveled path.  The story changes dramatically as Archie sees what his life would be like with Betty Cooper.
What will this mean for the overall story?  Will Archie be able to actually choose which path he wants to stay on or will things simply return to the status quo?  It's not everyday the Library of Congress covers a comic book event.
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Jeez, sounds like Archie's getting deep and philosophical.
I'm scared.

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Oh no! Mephisto's gonna show up! LOL
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" Oh no! Mephisto's gonna show up! LOL "
Nice one.
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Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, tip 'yer waitressess! :D
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Nice of Archie to read a poem to his kids with the subtext being "I'm not really sure that marrying your mother was a good idea".
Stupid, Stupid Ginger.

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