M.A.C.'s 'Archie's Girls' Make-Up Video Review

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What do comic books and make-up have in common? Honestly, not much. So why are we dedicating an entire article to make-up? Well, it just so happens that make-up and comics do have something in common when it comes to the latest limited edition M.A.C. line inspired by Archie Comics. The line was first released on January 31st, 2013 in stores across North America and the colors and packaging were inspired by two of print comics' most iconic young women: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. The folks at M.A.C. and Archie were kind enough to send some of this new product over for us to check out, and considering I am the only lady on Staff, I was lucky enough to test it.

A Little History...

The two characters in which this make-up line is based off of are seemingly polar opposites: Veronica is the rich, spoiled brunette while Betty has always been the down-to-earth, girl-next-door blonde. As different as these two characters are (and have been for well over 50 years), they are portrayed as both best friends and bitter rivals when it comes to fighting over the affections of Archie Andrews.

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge made their first appearances in comics in 1941 and 1942 in PEP COMICS, long before ARCHIE's very own imprint. Betty was introduced first, in December of 1941 in issue #22 of the volume as part of Archie's supporting cast. Veronica Lodge came later, in PEP COMICS #26; both were written by Vic Bloom and illustrated by artist Bob Montana. The two characters have since appeared in over 5000 comics respectively, and are two of the most recognizable female characters in American print comics today. Archie isn't only sold at our local comic shops, but imprints of ARCHIE DIGEST can often be found at the grocery store as you check out. The system works and has managed to keep the series and the characters relevant, constantly reaching a broad, younger audience. Yet, Archie stories don't just begin and end with the romantic triangle between Archie, Veronica and Betty; more recently the comics have dabbled in more modern and serious issues, giving these characters who are perpetually in High School adult problems and placing them in grown up situations. One thing that has remained consistent, however, is the relationship between these characters. Betty and Veronica have been both bitter rivals and best of friends in their quest to win Archie's affections; and one of the neat things about this make-up line is that it sort of reflects that.

== TEASER ==

The line is separated into two different color palettes: one inspired by Betty Cooper's character and the other line by Veronica Lodge's. The colors used in Betty's line consist of lighter shades of peaches and pinks, while the line inspired by Veronica consists of deep purples, pinks and even grays. The result is two lines that reflect two very different characters. So what about the make-up itself? Is it any good?

The Product

One of the cool things about this line is the fact that Archie and M.A.C. opted to use designs that seem to be inspired by original ARCHIE artist Bob Montana's drawings of the characters, thus giving the look of the characters a classic feel. The make-up itself comes in a white box, and features Archie, Veronica and Betty with small red hearts surrounding the trio.

We were given the Veronica inspired eyeshadow make-up which comes inside a sturdy metal box, with a hard plastic shell overlay. The package is white and seemingly very sturdy and resilient. The eyeshadow features four colors in four shades: Ron Ron Run, Spoiled Rich, Pin-Up Purple and Gravel. The package features a solid mirror that allows great application on the go. Long wear, although without an eyeshadow primer it clumps after a couple of hours. Retail price: $44.00

We were also sent Veronica's blush compact in 'Pearlematte.' The packaging for this is not as sturdy (it is set in heavy plastic), and features mirror as well. Retail price: $30.00

We were sent Betty's lipstick in "Oh, oh, oh," a metallic bronze color with a hint of pink/purple tone. The texture of the product itself is smooth and easy to apply. It stays on for over an hour even after drinking/eating. The consistency is moisturizing as well and as far as quality, was the best of all the products we received. Retail price: $16.50

Veronica's lip gloss in "Feelin' So Good" is a beautiful color, but has a rather thick consistency. The application is a bit streaky and the gloss itself rather sticky. Retail price: $16.50

The Verdict

So is it worth it? You get what you pay for with M.A.C. products: the quality of the make-up is generally really good. This is, for the most part, the case here as well (with the exception of the lip gloss which I personally did not like very much). The packaging is simple and cute, and it's too bad it is limited edition only. Overall, you get a pretty solid product even if it is a bit pricey. If I were to get only one of these pieces, it would probably be the blush. The compact is sturdy enough that I know it will last, the color is great (offers two contrasting colors that blend together to give a great shimmer), and is great to carry with you for touch ups.

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This wasn't my thing at all but I still watched the whole video haha. Nice job Babs.

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I agree with ...i don't where makeup, but know tons of girls who do..as i'm single sadly again, but at least there are plenty of fish out there in my city and around the world. Love the Video Reviews and hope to see more!

P.S. How goes the new life of being back on the EST? I live in CT, and planning on going to Comi-Conn, the local Comic Fan Fest, be my first time to a Comic Fan Fest, been to Music and Wrestling ones in the past, looking really forward to it, hope all is well...East Coast Represent...lol

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How is it that Archie in that picture is getting glommed on by two girls, and he's aking about some dude?

This stuff is pricey, but must be worth it. Given your video demonstration. Good work, Sara.

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As a single guy, who never read Archie, I watched this video thinking it might be a good gift for a young cousin or niece of mine. After hearing the prices, I might just give a giant stack of comics.

I also wonder, what do you think is the targeted age for this product? Wonder Woman has appeal for women and girls of all ages, but I'm never sure who Archie books are aimed at. On a related note, calling it "Archie's Girls" instead of "Betty & Veronica," do you think that could send a bad message to girls who may be at the age they're just starting to wear makeup?

I just wish CV/CBS would get you a better camera. Especially for stories where your piece to camera demonstrates the thing you're reviewing. The stills were great but again the video was low res and had frame rate issues.

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I liked it, Sara. Then again, I've worn eyeliner a few times. So.

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My wife made a review as well for it.

Loading Video...
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Hmmm, kinda expensive just for that kinda stuff if you ask me. Still, interesting, even if its not my cup of tea. G-Man should do the next make-up video review though I say...

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mac makeup is considered among the best cosmetics around

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I work at Macy's and this stuff is SOLD OUT! The ladies LOVE it. 

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My wife swears by MAC.

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quote "I do love my comics, but I also love my makeup"

Words to live by :)

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Every year, for Christmas, I buy my girlfriend MAC make-up, it's expensive, but she loves it... I'll probably buy her this stuff.

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@Fantasgasmic: Betty & Veronica might not be as big a household name as Wonder Woman, but they're definitely female pop culture icons. If girls my age (early-20s) can really get into Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Betty Boop & Disney Princesses, I'm sure some of them could be way into Betty & Veronica. If I was a girl, I'd probably be way into them (I'm more of a Reginald Mantle kind of guy).

I love that you made this video review , put a goofy smile on my face when I saw it on the site.

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You know Archie has really bad complexion. Maybe his face shouldn't be on the box of these products. Glamor and glitter, fashion and fame. Sara is truly truly truly outrageous.

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