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“Freshman Year: “Part Two”: In the tradition of “Batman: Year One,” “Superman: The Man of Steel” and the Marvel Ultimates comes the biggest Archie Comics event since the “Love Showdown!”  The first full-length issue of the “Freshman Year” saga finds Archie and his friends just starting the fall semester.  Having survived a summer that saw the departure of Jughead and bickering parents, the gang arrives at high school… to find elementary school Principal Mr. Weatherbee has now become the high school Principal!  But it’s not just about reunions at Riverdale High.  Archie also makes a new friend in Pencilneck G., although he prefers his more laid-back buddy Jughead.  He also makes some new enemies in Jared McGerk and his band of bullies!  Along the way the other classic faculty members are introduced, as well as Pop Tate and his Choklit Shop!  It’s the funniest first year of high school ever, courtesy of fan-favorite writer Batton Lash of “Wolff & Byrd” and “Archie Meets the Punisher” fame, along with “Scrapyard Detectives” creator and popular Archie artist/writer Bill Galvan. 

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