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It's bigger than the millennium, it's Archie's 500th issue anniversary! Yes, Archie's flagship title has reached a mega- milestone! A mere year after Archie's debut in Pep Comics #22 (December 1941), the red-headed wonder was awarded his own title with Archie Comics #1 (Winter 1942). Nearly 60 years later, Archie remains one of the longest-running titles of all time! Now comes issue #500, and it's one for the books, the history books, that is! "The Big Five-Oh-Oh!": This special issue kicks off with Archie on his way to a taping of the "Ohver Weeply" talk show, where his family and friends have gathered to celebrate his anniversary. The only problem is, the longer they wait, the more they start remembering all the times he messed up! Can Archie end this show on a happy note? "Happy Anni-Worse-ary": It's another typical day in the life of America's favorite teen, 500 fold! Witness Archie thrown out of Mr. Lodge's house for the 500th time... making a date with both Betty and Veronica on the same night for the 500th time... getting detention for the 500th time... getting tricked by Reggie for the 500th time... getting misunderstood by Moose for the 500th time... and more! It's 500 times the laughs, too!

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