Archer and Armstrong #6

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The Good

This issue, we get to see something a bit different as the story follow Kay McHenry, a public mouth-piece for Zorn Capital, who verbally battles a man on television over whether or not global warming actually exists. She starts hearing voices, which are coming from her plant, and she stumbles onto something a lot more sinister at Zorn Capital, which leads to men in gold animal masks trying to kill her.

As much as I love the team of Archer and Armstrong, I liked the fact this issue had the focus on someone else. Kay is a very interesting character, and I loved seeing the journey she went on in this issue, which ties into Archer & Armstrong's search for the new Geomancer. She's a headstrong and intelligent character that you'll find yourself attached to a few pages in.

Talking monkey in a toga having a tea party? Awesome. As ridiculous as it sounds, it's a pretty cool scene as the new Geomancer is given the rundown on why that person being a spokesperson for Earth is a good idea.

Writer Fred Van Lente not only weaves a great story into this issue, but he keeps the dialogue incredibly funny, and downright hilarious. Gilad (The Eternal Warrior/Armstrong's brother) makes his way into this issue and the dialogue between Archer & Armstrong as Gilad kicks some serious butt, is very funny, especially when Armstrong mocks him. There's some jealousy on Armstrong's part because his brother is just so cool, and it comes through the dialogue in a humorous way.

Emanuela Lupacchino does the art on this issue, and it is stellar. Emanuela does a phenomenal job on facial expressions here, and again, Lupacchino's work is best when Armstrong is mocking Gilad. The face Armstrong makes is brilliant. The art flows incredibly well and Lupacchino does a great job portraying movement here. The art is a stand out and it's worth checking out, even if the writing wasn't so awesome.

The Bad

I really love this series, and I loved this issue. My only minor complaint was that I didn't like the pretty much all black background during the "magic monkey" scene. It made the whole scene feel darker and more ominous than intended.

The Verdict

It looks as though Archer, Armstrong, and Gilad have found their Geomancer, but will the Geomancer join them? Can they protect them? Great final page here as this story continues. I really enjoy everything about this book. This issue gives us the look into someone else's life, in this world, which I thought was pretty cool. We also get a look into the sinister world of Zorn Capital. The writing and art, as always, are top notch, and this is one of my top of the pile nominees for January.

Overall, you need to start reading this book.


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