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DDP Origin:

The Arashikage Clan was an illustrious group of honorable ninjas in Japan. A family tradition, they were led by two brothers, The Hard Master and his brother, the Soft Master. Their nephew would turn out to be the Cobra ninja, Storm Shadow, known in the Arashikage Clan as the Young Master. Who, after saving the life of a young Army Ranger named Snake Eyes, invited the man to join the "family business." After being injured Snake Eyes returned home only to find out that his mother, father, and sister had all been killed in a car accident caused by the drunk brother of the man who would later become Cobra Commander. A series of dark events led Snake Eyes to seek out Storm Shadow in Japan, hoping for redemption. He was welcomed into the Arashikage and embraced as a brother. This upset some of the more traditional sensei's and students causing a violent division within the Arashikage. Led by Master Sato, a small group of disenchanted members revolted before eventually being put down and sent into exile. They would later form the Red Ninja Clan, sworn enemy of the Arashikage.

The Faceless Master & Zartan

The Faceless Master joined the Arashikage from the Koga Clan as an observer. Unaware that he was in fact an assassin under the employment of a young Cobra Commander, who wanted revenge against Snake Eyes for not following through on the execution of a judge he blamed for the death of both their families. The Faceless Master would later go on to become the Cobra demolitions expert known as Firefly
 The Faceless Master
From behind the scenes the Faceless Master injected jealousy and deception into the heart and mind of Storm Shadow, all the while inching ever closer to his ultimate goal of killing Snake Eyes. However the assassin lost his nerve and instead, delegated the responsibility off onto another would be killer named Zartan who gained acceptance into the clan through an apprenticeship. As the student of Professor Onihashi, master swordmaker. Zartan initially respected the clan to much and declined any further involvement, but after Cobra Commander threatened to expose him he accepted. Aided by the Faceless Master, was posed to kill Zartan Snake Eyes but mistakenly assassinated the Hard Master instead.
Killed by an arrow, the Clan immediately suspected Storm Shadow who had fled, not out of guilt, but in pursuit of Zartan. With his master dead and his swordbrother accused of the ultimate betrayal, Snake Eyes left. Only Professor Onihashi knew the truth and knew a debt of honor had to be repaid. He took his own life out of shame for what his apprentice had done. The Arashikage was no more.

Marvel Continuity:

 The original Arashikage
In the original Marvel Comics series after the Arashikage disbanded, the Blind Master is seen some years later teaching his own school of martial arts in Denver, Colorado. Among his students is a decedent of the original Arashikage Clan named Kimi Arashikage, cousin of Storm Shadow. Codenamed Jinx, she is tasked with training a former student of Storm Shadow's who also happens to be the son of the second Cobra Commander. Together with Snake Eyes, Jinx, and Storm Shadow, Billy begins to learn the ways of the Ninja. He participates in the rescue of Snowjob, Quick Kick, and Stalker, after they have been captured and imprisoned in Bolivia. After returning from the mission Jinx and Storm Shadow take over the day to day operations of the Arashikage Martial Arts Academy in San Francisco. During museum exhibition displaying classical Japanese swords, Jinx stumbles upon a sword baring the markings of the Arashikage and instinctively calls Storm Shadow at the academy completely unaware of the suspicious man tracing her call from a nearby bench. The man as it turns out was none other then Zartan in disguise, who used the display to track down Storm Shadow in order to kill him and end the blood vendetta he knows the ninja is after. Zartan, now in control of the Red Ninja Clan, is easily defeated and is presumed dead when his vehicle crashes into the San Francisco Bay. However Zartan survived and in his pursuit of Storm Shadow crosses paths instead with the Blind Master which ignites into an epic confrontation while meanwhile his Red Ninjas attack Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow,and Jinx. It is during this time that the Red Ninjas reveal themselves as the exiled members of the Arashikage Clan, each one branded with the same hexagon tattoo as Snake Eyes, Jinx, and Storm Shadow. After showing mercy to Zartan, the fiendish Cobra operative stabs the Blind Master in the back killing him.

Storm Shadow and the Ninja Force:

 Ninja Force
The Gi-Joe Universe expanded its ninja base with the creations of three former students of the now dead Blind and Soft Masters, and Professor Onihashi. T'Jbang, Nunchuck, and Dojo were recruited by the Joes and placed under the command of Storm Shadow. During one of their first mission the Ninja Force cross swords with the newly re-established Red Ninja Clan which appeared to be lead by two new members, Slice and Dice.  When Snake Eyes and the rest of the Ninja Clan are ambushed by the Red Ninja's, Snake Eyes ends the impending battle by taking the Grand Master of the Red Ninja Clan hostage. Unimpressed, Slice stabs his own team member before challenging the Silent Master to a duel, one that he eventually loses. After the closely contested match, the Grand Master emerges uninjured and reveals himself to be none other then Firefly, the Faceless Master of the Koga clan and possible relative to Storm Shadow. During Firefly's reign as leader of the Red Ninja Clan he brainwashes Slice and Dice into more obedient and submissive members along with the rest of the clan, but the plain backfires when Snake Eyes brakes the mind control using ancient Arashikage techniques causing the Red Ninjas to turn on their master. 

Master & Apprentice:

Master & Apprentice was a DDP series that took place seven years after the disbandment of Gi-Joe and follows a young martial artist named Ophelia who is being trained by Snake Eyes and other former members of the Ninja Squad, as well as the son of Wade Collins, a surviving member of Snake Eye's original unit during the war and ex- Crimson Guard member, named Sean Collins. Both Snake Eyes and Scarlett live a simple and retired life, but that all changes when Snake Eyes is asked to help capture the infamous Firefly and decides to accept the mission without telling Scarlett. The overzealous Ophelia is anxious to prove herself and pass her final test in becoming a true Arashikage member, and underestimates Firefly to her peril. Firefly kills the young apprentice and the result has lasting repercussions as Snake Eyes stands Scarlett up at the alter.
He then retreats to his secluded mountain cabin where he lives in complete isolation until his godson, Sean Collins, tracks him down in hopes of studying under the Silent Master. Snake Eyes accepts and brings the rest of the Arashikage along to aid him in his training. Nunchuck, T'jBang, and Jinx take on the role of master(s) alongside Snake Eyes and begin to mold the young martial artist, teaching him the secret ways of the sacred Arashikage Clan
Later on Jinx and her romantically involved partner, the Samurai Budo, both now living in Tokyo as bounty hunters, enlist the aid of Sean and Snake Eyes after having tracked down the murderous terrorist Firefly. Snake Eyes, who has completely turned his back on his military training and resents Jinx for her use of guns, refuses to allow Sean to carry a firearm. It is later revealed that  Ophelia's murder by use of a gun is what has spurned the dramatic change in Snake Eyes' philosophy. After a brief argument between master and apprentice, Budo witnesses a roof top meeting between Firefly and Storm Shadow, the news of which catapults Snake Eyes into action with Sean Collins following close behind. Out of his league, he is critical injured by Storm Shadow who mockingly taunts the Silent Master's inability to protect yet another apprentice. He denounces Snake Eyes as his sword brother and looks to end their life long battle once and for all but is interrupted when chaos irrupts. Jinx and Budo are gunned down and Snake Eyes is caught in an explosion while Firefly makes his escape when Duke and Chuckles arrive to save the day. 
The new team comprised of Duke, Chuckles, Jinx, Budo, and Snake Eyes must now work together in a consolidated effort to stop Firefly and his mysterious benefactor once and for all. However they are totally unaware that Sean Collins' father has returned to his Cobra ways and joined Firefly. When Storm Shadow makes contact with the Joe team from within Firefly's secret location, Sean swears his unwavering loyalty to the ways of the Arashikage and his master Snake Eyes before the team storms the secretive compound for one final showdown. During the battle Sean accidentally stabs and kills his own father. Firefly is last seen escaping and talking to yet another mystery man indicating that he was part of a much bigger operation that was never uncovered. Weeks after the battle Sean is officially inducted as the "Last Arashikage" and given the name,  Kamakura.

Master & Apprentice: Pt.2

 Love at Last
After the events of Master & Apprentice pt.1, Storm Shadow meets and falls in love with a young woman named Junko Akita. The daughter of a once respectable sensei who trained security guards for high level cooperation's as well as the Yakuza. After both her parents were murdered by the legendary gang she set out on a five year plan of revenge which eventually brought her into the life of Storm Shadow. After the ninja rescued her from Yakuza members seeking retribution for the death of their leader, he took her under his wing as his apprentice and lover. Although Storm Shadow and Junko seem happy, the ex-Cobra ninja is still haunted by his past and fears that his demons will eventually overwhelm him. While celebrating the Chinese new year with Junko and Billy, the son of Cobra Commander, the latter's father arrives with a small army of Night Creepers and attacks the group. Fighting valiantly they make an admirable stand, but in the end Junko is kidnapped and Storm Shadow and Billy are nearly killed when the assassins blow up the safe house. The unconscious Storm Shadow's mind wanders back in time remembering his first demon, Snake Eyes. Who at the time had gained favor with Storm Shadow's uncle and leader of the Arashikage, the Hard Master. Meanwhile in Tibet, T'jbang, is shown as the temporary leader of the Red Ninja Clan as ordered by its true leader, Snake Eyes. Who had previously gained leadership by brutally defeating its old master, Sei Tin.
 Sei Tin
During a training exercise in which T'jbang faces off against an unknown opponent it is revealed that the once comatose Sei Tin has returned, outfitted with a state of the art titanium backbone. The evil ninja ruthlessly cuts down the shocked T'jbang and immediately regains control of the clan. With the help of Slice and Dice, Sei Tin physically and mentally breaks the captured Junko down. Manipulating and twisting her mind until she is a creature of pure hatred. In one final act Sei Tin sets Junko free and allows her to run into the arms of the man she believes to be Storm Shadow. In reality it is Dice. And when he viciously attacks her dressed as her sensei and lover, the act is enough to break her for good.
 Junko Shattered

By the time Storm Shadow, Jinx, and Billy arrive, it is to late. Junko is beyond saving. Outnumbered and distraught over Junko's betrayal Storm Shadow and company appear to be defeated until Snake Eyes and Kamakura arrive to turn the tide. Sei Tin is apparently killed by the arrows of six Red Ninja's, the only members still loyal to the Silent Master, and Dice appears to fall at the hands of Budo. During their final confrontation Junko briefly regains control of her mind just long enough to throw herself off the edge of a cliff to her death. She is given sacred honor of a traditional Arashikage burial. The six loyal Red Ninja's go on to form the foundation of a unified Arashikage as the fractured clan is finally made whole, and Storm Shadow is promoted to the highest ranking possible, Phoenix Master of the Arashikage

Morning Light

 The Morning Light
The Morning Light is a mystical sword created by Professor Onihashi for the Arashikage. It is one of two perfectly constructed swords hand crafted using ancient secrets and techniques known only to Onihashi. When he died his families secret riddles of steel died with him. By Arashikage code, the Morning Light rightfully belongs to the last apprentice of Onihashi, who in this case happened to be the Dreadnok leader and murderer of the Arashikage's former sensei the Hard Master, Zartan. Honoring the code Storm Shadow returned the blade to its rightful owner. 
 Honor Bound



Enter the Red Ninja Clan: The Death and Rebirth of Snake Eyes

During an attempted rescue mission aboard Destro's submarine, Snake Eyes sacrifices his life in order to safe the lives of Scarlett and the rest of the rescue team. His body is taken back to Joe headquarters where Storm Shadow thoroughly inspects the body ever hopeful that his sword brother is still alive. Using deep mediation he scans over Snake Eyes suspecting the Silent Master may be using the Arashikage technique of the Sleeping Phoenix. However he quickly discovers that Snake Eyes is indeed dead.
Kamakaru, Snake Eyes' former apprentice, refuses to accept the news and flies into an uncontrollable rage attacking Storm Shadow until being restrained by several Joes. Meanwhile several miles away, T'jbang and the Red Ninja Clan know of a supernatural way to revive the falling Joe and waste little time putting together a plan to steal Snake Eyes' body. In reality however, T'Jbang's mind had been swapped with that of the paralyzed former Red Ninja Master, Sei Tin. Sei Tin's true intention is to bring back Snake Eyes' as an evil killing machine and tool for his ultimate vengeance. The rest of the Red Ninja Clan are completely unaware that they are following Sei Tin and not T'Jbang. They help steal Snake Eyes' body in the belief that they are resurrecting him to once again take lead of the Clan.
Storm Shadow, Scarlett, and several other Joes attempt to retrieve the body only to uncover the nefarious plot hatched by the devious Sei Tin but not before he has restored the life of the fallen ninja. Under the influence of Sei Tin, Snake Eyes attacks his swordbrother Storm Shadow, kick starting their most epic battle to date.
 Last Stand
Filled with darkness Snake Eyes shows no restraint as he completely dominates Storm Shadow. Realizing the only way to save his friend is by appealing to his emotions, Storm Shadow pretends to endanger the life of Scarlett which brings Snake Eyes back to his senses but not before impaling his Arashikage brother, Storm Shadow.

The Dark Ninja Master: Sigma 6

 The Dark Master
Sigma 6 was a modernized cartoon series that focused more on the exaggerated technological aspect of Gi-Joe. Introduced through their toyline the Dark Ninja Master was a villainous Arashikage member who was imprisoned underneath the Arashikage Mountain where he discovered a powerful artifact that allowed him to absorb the abilities and powers of dead Arashikage. The Dark Ninja Master never appeared in the comics nor the television series.

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