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The original Arashikage

In the Marvel Comics series after the Arashikage disbanded, the Blind Master is seen some years later teaching his own school of martial arts in Denver, Colorado. Among his students is a decedent of the original Arashikage Clan named Kimi Arashikage, cousin of Storm Shadow. Codenamed Jinx, she is tasked with training a former student of Storm Shadow's who also happens to be the son of the second Cobra Commander. Together with Snake Eyes, Jinx, and Storm Shadow, Billy begins to learn the ways of the Ninja.

He participates in the rescue of Snowjob, Quick Kick, and Stalker, after they have been captured and imprisoned in Bolivia. After returning from the mission Jinx and Storm Shadow take over the day to day operations of the Arashikage Martial Arts Academy in San Francisco. During museum exhibition displaying classical Japanese swords, Jinx stumbles upon a sword baring the markings of the Arashikage and instinctively calls Storm Shadow at the academy completely unaware of the suspicious man tracing her call from a nearby bench.

The man as it turns out was none other then Zartan in disguise, who used the display to track down Storm Shadow in order to kill him and end the blood vendetta he knows the ninja is after. Zartan, now in control of the Red Ninja Clan, is easily defeated and is presumed dead when his vehicle crashes into the San Francisco Bay.

However Zartan survived and in his pursuit of Storm Shadow crosses paths instead with the Blind Master which ignites into an epic confrontation while meanwhile his Red Ninjas attack Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow,and Jinx. It is during this time that the Red Ninjas reveal themselves as the exiled members of the Arashikage Clan, each one branded with the same hexagon tattoo as Snake Eyes, Jinx, and Storm Shadow. After showing mercy to Zartan, the fiendish Cobra operative stabs the Blind Master in the back killing him.

Storm Shadow and the Ninja Force:

Ninja Force

The Gi-Joe Universe expanded its ninja base with the creations of three former students of the now dead Blind and Soft Masters, and Professor Onihashi. T'Jbang, Nunchuck, and Dojo were recruited by the Joes and placed under the command of Storm Shadow.

During one of their first mission the Ninja Force cross swords with the newly re-established Red Ninja Clan which appeared to be lead by two new members, Slice and Dice. When Snake Eyes and the rest of the Ninja Clan are ambushed by the Red Ninja's, Snake Eyes ends the impending battle by taking the Grand Master of the Red Ninja Clan hostage. Unimpressed, Slice stabs his own team member before challenging the Silent Master to a duel, one that he eventually loses.

After the closely contested match, the Grand Master emerges uninjured and reveals himself to be none other then Firefly, the Faceless Master of the Koga clan and possible relative to Storm Shadow. During Firefly's reign as leader of the Red Ninja Clan he brainwashes Slice and Dice into more obedient and submissive members along with the rest of the clan, but the plain backfires when Snake Eyes brakes the mind control using ancient Arashikage techniques causing the Red Ninjas to turn on their master.

The Dark Ninja Master: Sigma 6

The Dark Master

Sigma 6 was a short cartoon series that focused more on the exaggerated technological aspect of GI-Joe. Introduced through their toyline the Dark Ninja Master was a villainous Arashikage member who was imprisoned underneath the Arashikage Mountain where he discovered a powerful artifact that allowed him to absorb the abilities and powers of dead Arashikage. The Dark Ninja Master never appeared in the comics nor the television series.

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