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Arak was born as Bright-Sky-After-Storm. His mother, Star of Dawn, told him his father was the god of thunder. Some of the Quontauka tribe believe this to be true, others are doubtful.

From an early age, Bright-Sky-After-Storm should great aptitude with the bow and arrow.

When he was a boy, to prove his courage and divine heritage, he was dared to bring back the paw of the powerful bear spirit that lived north of the village. He failed, but the bear spirit only caused him minor injury, and imparted to him the wisdom that he should act for his own motives, not at the whim of others.

His grandfather, the tribe's medicine man, was grooming him to be a shaman, however, after witnessing a close friend die, despite his grandfather's best efforts, he decided that he wanted to be a warrior rather than a shaman.

Once while fishing, Bright-Sky-After-Storm and his father Proud-Elk caught only a water snake, which Bright-Sky killed - saving Proud-Elk's life, and a turtle. The shaman told Bright-Sky that since the turtle is a friend to man, it was a good omen, but since he killed the serpent he would be fated to battle of its brothers all his life - foreshadowing the coming of the Quontauka's serpent-worshiping enemies.


Roy Thomas, who had worked on Conan for Marvel, created a wandering barbarian hero for D.C. Instead of creating a dark ages or bronze age Caucasian type barbarian, he chose instead to make a wandering Native American hero.

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

Star Of Dawn, Arak's mother, was wandering alone one day when she was seduced by the evil serpent god. She was praying and struggling to get away when the god of thunder came to rescue her. The god of thunder aka He-No took Star of Dawn to his realm. Here she was able to recover from the serpent's bite. She gave herself to He-No in gratitude. Not really in love with He-No, Star of Dawn began to miss her people. She was returned to her tribe. The tribal shaman recognized the two deities marks that Star of Dawn bore. He also recognized that she gave birth to He-No's child. The child was named Bright Sky After Storm; translated, this means "he will follow in his father's footsteps, who is the thunder."

Many years later, a serpent-worshiping tribe attacked. He-No was also attacked by the serpent god himself. He-No was beating the serpent but he saw that his son was about to die. He went to kill his son's attacker getting severely wounded in the process. He-No arranged for Bright Sky After Storm to be in a canoe to float out of the enemies reach.

Bright Sky After Storm is discovered by a viking boy and is saved just as his canoe is about to sink. He is unconscious. He wakes up just enough to hear the words He-No. He then stands up and knifes the necklace of the viking leader which had a hammer symbol on it referring to the Norse god Thor. The leader demands that he be killed, but a local man saves him and adopts him and gives him the name "Arak". Arak is raised as a viking, and is especially trained in warfare. Arak has exceptional skills with a small axe. He is also trained in using swords, shields, and bows.

Arak participates in many viking raids. Mostly raiding monasteries for treasure.

One piece of treasure is a golden cross that hangs upside down from the mast of the ship for a good luck hammer of thunder. One day, a sea serpent sent by the sorceress

Angelica attacks the vikings and some monks, killing many including Arak's adoptive father. Arak took the golden cross and threw it at the serpent, killing it. One survivor monk says that his god has delivered them. Arak does not know if it had been the monk's god, Thunder, or his own god, whom he had all but forgotten.

Later Arak dies and encounters his father, He-No, who explains his origin and offers him a place at his side. Arak refuses to instead find the remnants of his tribe, now wandering across North America. He-No angrily returns his son to his body - but empowers him with a single feather from his enormous Headdress of Power. From then on, Arak possessed the ability to see spirits and a resistance to magic. Although still a warrior at heart, Arak now has the abilities of a shaman. He then leaves his friends in Japan and returns to North America to find his Tribe. He finds his people and leads them to an island off the West coast of Canada where they settle and thrive. On his deathbed, He-No appears to him, to grant Arak his love and a mystic cloak for a descendant who he promises will be a savior in times of need. Arak passes into the spirit world happy and the cloak is left for Flying Fox.


Another person took up the name Arak after the first one. He was a member of the group Helix, a group of experiment children who got powers. Arak could control the panther winds, to let him fly, create hurricanes or tornados. Together he and the other Helix members fought Infinity Inc. many times until they disbanded. Arak was killed by Penny Dreadful.

Powers and Abilities

Arak is a good swordsman, and skilled with a tomahawk. He is competent with the bow and arrow. And, he also possesses limited and undefined magical powers.

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