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Dr. Sylvie Yacqua is a Pacqui, member of a tribal group native to Peru. She was a member of the scientific team who mutated Spider-Woman/Julia Cornwall-Carpenter. At the time she worked for the Commission of Superhuman Activities under Valerie Cooper. Sylvie later took a variant of the spider-serum and transformed herself to Arachne. She is a member of Deathweb and an enemy of the Avengers. Ironically her archenemy is Julia, the woman she herself empowered.

Powers And Abilities

Arachne fires both physical and psychic webs from glands in her wrists. However the process is painful to her and she wears special gauntlets which somehow ease her pain. The gauntlets double as weapons, each extending a spike covered in spider-venom. The venom is lethal to humans and victims die within seconds. She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

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