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Maria was formerly a member of the gang the Sociedad de la Cruz (Society of the Cross). The night of the Big Bang Maria was able to escape the blast by escaping into the James River. Despite escaping from the blast she still was infected from the gas, and the mutation made her body turn into water. After that night she tried going home but her aunt threw her out and called her a freak. With no where else to go she stayed in the James River and took on the identity Aquamaria. Everyday she would patrol the river looking for help, but because she didn't know how to speak English she just stayed silent. One day while on patrol she watched as two rival gangs called the Shadow Cabinet, and the Star Chamber were looking for the  Blood Syndicate to recruit into their gang. The Blood Syndicate refused their offer and a massive brawl breaks out between all the groups. Maria then sent a huge wave to douse everyone and break up the fighting. She then started to the watch the Blood Syndicate to see if they were trust worthy until finally she decided to meet with them. One night she meet Wise-Son and he brought her to their place. She at first was rude to Flashback but calmed down after talking to Fade. After telling him what happened they decided to let her join unless she helps them out when needed, to which she agreed.


Aquamaria's Ice Sculptures
The Bang Baby gas turned maria into a being of livng water. Because of the mutation she was able to control water. She also learned to induce tsunamis and geysers, and shape near-freezing vapor into ice sculptures, and weapons. Later on she learned how to change the temperatures of water, changing boiling water and steam to ice and back. She also displayed by concentrating the ability to fuse with waves and control them.

Appearances In Other Media

Static Shock

Aquamaria as she appeared in Static Shock
Aquamaria appeared in two episodes of the Static Shock TV series. The first episode she appeared in was Bad Stretch where she was working with Ebon and his gang. She was stealing from a racetrack when Static came to stop her and she almost defeated him, but was trapped by a reformed Rubberband Man and arrested by the Police into a special containment unit. Aqua-Maria, Talon, Shiv, and Carmen-Dillo were busted out of the Meta-Human Wing of the Dakota Prison by Ebon, disguised as Rubberband Man. Static subsequently defeated her by using his powers to elctrolyze her into steam. She then appeared two seasons later in the episode wet and wild where she teamed up with Hot Streak to rob a record store. Static and Gear showed up and was frozen in the attempt by one of Gear freeze grenades. She was offered by a team of scientists to be the first to try their antidote for the Big-Bang Mutagen Gas - she agrees after some persuading, (Aqua-Maria reveals that she has a family: a mom and a little sister); but it is sabotaged by Hot-Streak and Aqua-Maria ends up going down a drain. After kidnapping one of the scientists and then learning it was Hot-Streak who sabotages her chance to return to normal she becomes enraged and threatens to flood the City of Dakota. Static and Gear track her down to the Bay and administer a sample of the antidote and she returns to normal. After a few more doses, Aqua-Maria is totally cured.

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