So is Aquaman Worthwhile?

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I went to the comicbook store to pick up this week's pull list and Aquaman got my attention. According to the guy running the store Aquaman has been one of the pleasant surprises of new 52 and Aquaman has been getting a lot of praise recently from Comicvine users as well as comicbook readers in general. I did love Aquaman's portrayal in the previous Justice League issue. I am just wondering is Aquaman a title worth getting every month. There is space for a few DC/Marvel titles and I am seriously considering Aquaman. Would anyone recommend it?

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@soccersss: i think so, especially if you're NOT an Aquaman fan, it's a good way to get to know the character, the writing's great, the art is nice, and this arc's villains are creepy as heck, i say go for it
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@soccersss: YES. Aquaman is one of the best DC titles right now, regardless if you've read anything with him or not.

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It's pretty good i'm liking it.

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I was majorly surprised, never been an Aquaman fan.

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It's great, Johns knows the character very well, and writes a good voice for him.

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I love it! It's a great comic, and I was in the camp that Aquaman was just there for comic relief before I began picking up the new comics. Definitely worth it.

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Cool. I'd definitely check it out tommorrow. Thanks for the feedback

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It is a good title. I have my concerns about some of the writing choices, but its most definitely a solid book.

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Let me put it like this "It's getting consecutive 5 stars for a reason" personally I'm waiting until it's collected but that doesn't mean it's not worth getting monthly

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It's a near-perfect comic, in my opinion.

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I have not read it but I have heard good things about the series

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It's epic

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@Galathanos: took the words out of my mouth

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I don't really understand the praise for it. It's solid stuff, but not as breathtaking as the reviews suggest, atleast for me. Maybe people were expecting it to be terrible, and then surprised that it wasn't? I haven't read the latest issue, though I kinda don't want to after reading the first #3. Not bad in anyway, but there are so many titles, just within the 52, that are better than this, in my opinion.

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Yea you should pick it up but I suggest you should also make room for more IMAGE and VERTIGO books

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