Aquaman - Who sunk Atlantis?

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We'll find out in the upcoming month. But honestly, I have no idea who could've sunk Atlantis, perhaps there was a civil war.

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From what Ive read in Aquaman #6 I think it's someone related to Mera's family... but we will find out next month

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I'm really interested in this story, but the tease for it from the 4th issue was kind of ridiculous. "The question nobody thought to ask" ? I really doubt NOBODY has thought to ask 'Who sank Atlantis?' It feels like Johns is trying to make himself seem more original, and came across as shallow needless extra hype.

I'm still really interested in it though.

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Aquaman sunk Atlantis in the JLA storyline Age of Obsidian. I refuse to accept any other explanation because I personally enjoy that one too much. Unless GM wow's me with his new story, I will not accept this one! Now in the words of The Soup Nazi in Seinfeld..... GRANT MORRISON.....NO SOUP FOR YOU!

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: HE sunk Atlantis? How did that happen?

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@Jorgevy: I don't remember it exactly because it's been a while since I've read the story but it deals with Aquaman being transported back in time by an evil sorcerer and then turned into a massive body of water. Then the sorcerer tries to take over/destroy Atlantis in both the past and the present (two different versions of herself) and the only way to save Atlantis in the past was for Aquaman to sink it. It's something like that....been a while, sorry

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: Cool. I was actually more interested in the why than the how and you totally explained it. I couldnt see AC doing it without a good reason

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@Jorgevy: I don't remember the how he did it, sorry. It was something like becoming a massive tidal wave and effing everybody

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In Aquaman 5, the attacker's helmets were only full of water, no body. Seems like a logical guess they are from Mera's colony. In book 6, Mera mentions her "colony". In Brightest Day, she mentions her people are from a "Penal (Prison) Colony". I believe you can make the leap, Mera's colony sank Atlantis. Thoughts?

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The Who Sunk Atlantis? storyline sounds very interesting. I agree with everyone else that Mera's colony is more than likely responsible for the sinking.

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