What was he like Pre-Flashpoint?

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I've been reading Aquaman since near the start of the New 52. And its probably one of my favorite series. But it also got me wondering a bit about the character's history.

I have absolutely no experience with Aquaman aside for his current series. But I've seen different interpretations of him in animation (Justice League TAS, Young Justice, ...Superfriends).

So I'm wondering, which interpretation of Aquaman is most true to the character from a historic standpoint?

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@sockman19: I wouldn't know specifically to say which is more true, well you can take Superfriend's off the list, but the Aquaman I'm most familiar with is serious and will kill at-least if it gets the job done.

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^ I agree with you !

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@sockman19: much the same as he is now

Pretty much this. The appearance might have changed through the decades but the current interpretation is pretty much in line with the character history.

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More or less the same character. However he was a full Atlantean, the son of Atlanna and an ancient Atlantean wizard, Atlan. He wasn't raised very long by Tom Curry, who adopted him for a while, and spent most of his time in the ocean. Most people wonder why he always seemed so angry pre 52. Easy. His infant son was murdered, his wife blamed him, tried to kill him, and went insane. Not to mention he lost his hand, and Atlantis betrayed him, multiple times. He had every reason in the world to be grumpy. However Geoff Johns is doing something Peter David didn't: Explaining Aquaman's origins very clearly right from the start so there is little confusion.

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