What is the best aquatic creature, Aquaman could control?

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As title says folks, what is the best aquatic creature that Aquaman could control? Look out haters, he could sick a megalodon or giant squid or kracken on you!

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The answer will always be Topo.

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@Hatutzeraze said:

The answer will always be Topo.

Hehe, thats such a win right there.
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The leviathan. That would be some epic chizz right there.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:


Chuthulu isn't an aquatic creature? Isn't it a cosmic entity? I mean sure its part octopus, but it isn't completely aquatic.
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Sponge-bob Squarepants

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Orca whale, a swarm of box jellyfish, seaconch

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@Joygirl said:


That would be so epic.

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@Wolfrazer: One time,Orin control the alien sea life of Durlan

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